After a coma, the young man spoke to a stranger to him spanish language

After a coma, the young man spoke in an unfamiliar Spanish languageA photo from open sources

In the United States, another inexplicable occurred point of view of modern science case: goalkeeper football team one of the schools of Atlanta (Georgia) Ruben Nsemo due to injury the head that he got during the match fell into a coma.

And when the sixteen-year-old youth came out of her, he spoke to fluent Spanish, which before that did not know. For example, he began to ask for food, turned to parents who came to visit his, however, spoke in an unfamiliar language, while one of the employees hospitals in Atlanta, a native speaker of Spanish, did not understand that Ruben Nsemo speaks Spanish, and easily and naturally, as if knows him from birth.

Neuropathologists who examined the young man could not come to any sensible conclusion – another miracle of xenoglossia. For instance, on the Internet, again, a recent case was described when a patient emerging from a coma spoke on a stranger to him French and even began to claim that he is a Hollywood actor Matthew David McConaughey.

Ruben Nsemo in the game of the game received the strongest boot to the right temple, why lost consciousness and urgently had to be delivered to Atlanta Medical Center. He spent several days in a coma, and when came out – such a surprise. True, after he again lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I spoke already normally – in English. All attempts to speak with him in Spanish again failed success.

Now the guy is recovering and full of hope to fulfill his an old dream is to become a professional footballer. Sympathizing even created a fund to help Ruben Nsemo, so that he would pass first-class treatment that will allow him not to feel any further the consequences of the current injury. That’s just the knowledge of the Spanish language, moreover, at the level of its carrier, he certainly would not have prevented …

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