After a strange bang on the road fell dead birds

In the British city of Bolton on the road found a lot of dead birds. According to residents, all this was like an episode from the series “Secret materials”. According to The Bolton News, from 20 to 30 dead starlings were found on the Beaumont Road on Sunday after lunch. Eyewitnesses report that birds fell from the sky after a sudden sound like a loud pop. After a strange popping dead birds fell on the roadPhoto from Open Sources Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) thinks unlikely the birds were poisoned by something in the air, but most likely low flying the flock crashed into a tall truck. However, there are no traces on the carcasses of birds from a collision, therefore the spokesman of the company is considering also the version that the birds were somehow blinded and disoriented. Craig Clarkson, 39, who was one of the first to see dead birds, says that there were at least a hundred and many lay on the road still alive. And Kelly Nott from Farnworth tells that I heard that this happened in other places and nobody there either could find the reason for this strange phenomenon. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources


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