After a tornado in New South Wales found strange transparent substance

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, over Smithfield, New South Wales, a strange tornado swept through. His strangeness lies that the tornado left behind pieces of a mysterious substances.

As reported on the News website, on Saturday a resident of the Australian a suburb of smithfield located in the state of new south wales sat on the veranda and looked at the rain when the wind suddenly intensified, portending, according to the man, the appearance of a tornado.

After a tornado in New South Wales, they found a strange transparent substanceA photo from open sources

“When the wind speed increased, I realized what would follow, – says Peter Burgess (Peter Burgess). – Just rampant elements reminded me of a tornado in Sydney (in December 2005) and what is happening in Queensland in 2013, the year that hit Oswald cyclone. I heard an incredibly loud noise, as if nearby the jet engine landed and immediately ran off to house”.

The Australian was in the cottage until the wind died down and then went outside to assess possible damage.

“It really was a tornado, but rather a mini-tornado raged for a few minutes. Despite this, traces of him activities spanned 200 meters: branches everywhere and uprooted small trees. I examined the fallen trees when he noticed translucent drops reminiscent on a pile of chips pieces of mucus, ”Burgess described his find.

A photo from open sources

The discovered substance intrigued the man so much that he photographed her and sent the received pictures to experts from James Cook University, adding that clots are very similar to jellyfish. He was answered by a leading specialist Australian University Jamie Seymour.

A photo from open sources

He doubted the version with the inhabitants of the ocean and noted that not can identify creature or substance captured by an Australian. It is noteworthy that weather forecasters also turned out to be Puzzled by Burgess’s message about the mysterious jellyfish tornado.

“We have no official records of the tornado that occurred in suburb of Smithfield on Saturday, but theoretically it’s possible, – told reporters specialist Robin Nataniela (Robin Nataniela) from Bureau of Meteorology, responsible for weather forecasting and hazard warnings in Australia. – It could very well be a tornado or a funnel cloud. ”

What was it?

In February 2013, a similar mysterious jelly-like substance was discovered in the ham wall nature reserve of english county Somerset. Locals claim that she came from space. According to folklore, a similar mucus called “starry jelly “has repeatedly appeared after meteor showers. This time visitors to the reserve stumbled upon a “jelly” three days after fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

A photo from open sources

Representative of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Tony Whitehead commented on the find as follows: “Although we do not know what it is, however, descriptions of such phenomena have been encountered before. In the 14th century them called “star jelly.” In folklore it is mentioned that “jellies” always appeared after “star rains”.

Visitors to the reserve are warned not to touch a jelly-like substance – the last couple of days people continue to find “star jellies” in different places of the reserve, always on the grass and quite far from the water. The diameter of each “jelly” – about 10 cm.

The opinions of scientists were divided: some say that this is most likely one of the types of blue-green algae, others believe that substance – the result of regurgitation of one of the amphibians, the third – that it relates to a fungus with the intriguing name “tremor pearl. ”

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