After an electric shock, the boy attracts spoons and coins

A boy after an electric shock draws spoons and coins to himselfA photo from open sources

The seven-year-old Kolya discovered the abilities of a superhero by chance. After being shocked, a second grader has a fork and a spoon in hands do not need to hold: metal objects themselves stick to “Magneto” from the Isilkul region (Omsk region).

– When I don’t even want, everything appears. Once I even have a glass pulled. Moved by itself, – shared the magnet boy, student of the Vodyaninsky elementary school Nikolay Kruglyachenko.

At school, Kolya is one of the most popular students. Classmates often asked to demonstrate superpowers. Ready magnetic the boy, if necessary, come to the rescue.

– If he sees that someone needs help, he will never pass by. This is such a responsible one, it helps everyone, ”commented the teacher the second grade of the Vodyaninsky basic school Galina Tyufyaeva.

A photo from open sources

In the world, there are cases when people not only spoons on themselves held, but also irons, candlesticks. Specialists cannot yet Find out exactly how they do it. In the meantime, scientists decide what is it, a special biofield or incredible skin properties, Kolya trains in lifting heavier objects. And along the way, he teaches comrades to attract iron. Second grader can work on others so that for a while people turn into magnets.

“I even got a stick on my nose,” she added. classmate of Nikolai Kruglyachenko Vika Balandina.

For classmates, Kolya’s magnetic properties are nothing more than fun, but the boy himself connects his future precisely with superpowers.

– Practically, I think to become a superhero, – shared magnet boy Nikolai Kruglyachenko.

Ideally, Kolya is going to learn how to tear down the nailed iron. With this skill, if the world cannot be saved, then in Hollywood blockbusters to act without being brought to business Specialists in special effects. True, for this you still need to learn, study and study …

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