After clinical death, a person does not age, and did not sleep for 8 years!

A photo from open sources

When David Wynn Miller was only 25 years old, he had kidney problems, and surgery was required. However, the doctor, who was supposed to undergo a surgery according to the plan, did not leave to work. He was replaced by a Korean doctor who never operated before. The doctor removed both kidneys and adrenal glands. David died on the operating table. In the morgue, a nurse who helped at autopsy, she noticed that David’s heart was beating. At that moment it was outside the body on the chest! Doctors returned everything to him organs in place, including its perfectly healthy kidneys. However Miller currently has 6 times the amount of endorphins exceeds the norm. After returning to life after a while, he spent the next 8 years without sleep. Also after his mortal experience, David is no longer getting old. He is now 63 years old. David shares his clinical death experience in educational videos that located below, and also talks about “Quantum Grammar”.

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