After hitting the head, the loner woke up a genius

Twelve years ago, Jason Pagett did not pass the opening college exams and started working in his furniture store father, but soon there was a robbery in a karaoke bar, which changed his life forever.

Pagett with his wife

After hitting the head, the loner woke up as a geniusA photo from open sources

Then the 31-year-old man loved to fish, rode on a red Camaro was the soul of the company. But after suffering a craniocerebral Pagett’s injuries began to see the world in a whole new light and became obsessed with math and physics.

Since then, he has become one of only 40 people who had Acquired Savant Syndrome found. In cases where syndrome, also called savantism, is acquired, once ordinary people become specialists in math, art, or music after a head injury.

It all started on the night of September 13, 2002 when Pagett visited a karaoke bar near his home, where he was attacked. Two men pounced on him from behind and hit in the back of the head, knocking out. However, in the hospital the doctors who examined the man did not find any serious injuries and in the morning, having prescribed treatment, they sent him home.

A photo from open sources

Waking up after the attack, Pagett discovered that his vision changed and he began to notice everything to the smallest detail, which previously did not attach any importance. His discoveries began in bathroom when he noticed trickles of water coming out perpendicular to the flow.

“At first I was amazed and worried, but it was so it’s beautiful that I just stood and looked, “said Pagett New York Post.

Pagett stopped going to work and spent all his time studying mathematics and physics, focusing on fractals – repeating geometric patterns. Despite what used to be talent for drawing the man was not observed, he began extremely sketch fractals in detail, sometimes spending weeks to finish the job.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

However, there was a flaw in his talents. After Injury Pagett became closed and began to spend all his time at home, covering their windows with blankets and not wanting to see anyone. He became obsessed germs and washed their hands until they turned red. The man did not even hug his daughter until she washed her hands.

Pagett thought he was losing his mind, but hope came after watching a BBC documentary about Daniel Tammet, autistic scientist.

“This is what happens to me. Someone else can see what I see! “- it was this thought that occurred to Pagett after watching a movie.

A photo from open sources

Upon learning of Tammet, Pagett decided to contact Dr. Darold Treffert, the leading savantism specialist who set him diagnosis of acquired Savant syndrome. Pagett realized even better what happens to him after being in Finland, where met with Dr. Berit Brogaard.

Dr. Brogaard performed an MRI scan of Pagett’s brain and found that the left side was more active, especially in the left parietal lobe, which is associated with mathematical abilities. It seems that after an injury, neurotransmitters in the left hemisphere of the brain Pagetta intensified and ultimately restructured, making him a hyper specialist.

After the diagnosis was made, Pagett decided to apply his acquired mental abilities and went to college. Now the 43-year-old genius believes that he is an example of what in each person the untapped potential is dozing.

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to everyone, “he says.


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