After meeting with UFO, an Uzbek boy disappeared on whole day

After meeting with a UFO, an Uzbek boy disappeared for a whole dayA photo from open sources

Around the world, millions of people annually disappear without any traces. At the same time, only a few units are returned. And those who returns, or keep quiet about where they disappeared (fear nuthouses), or they say such amazing things that really only fit in our rational society by definition – “schizophrenic delirium.” Only for some reason, these “schizophrenics” disappear and come back to our world not illusory, but real?

This is exactly what happened with the Uzbek youth, a high school student state farm “Nishan” Tulkin Aitmatov, about which she wrote in due time The newspaper “Pravda Vostoka” (the author of the article is a journalist N. Iskanderova).

Clash of an Uzbek boy with a UFO

It was early spring, that beautiful morning (in Uzbekistan spring sunrises – just a miracle) Tulkin woke up before sunrise the sun. They agreed with classmate Ilgor to run around early in the morning, because there was a double reason: with one on the one hand, this allowed us to stretch in front of the school, and on the other hand, it gave the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of just a nascent spring day.

A photo from open sources

However, the young man failed to run to the gate of his friend that day: how only he was about to cross the road near the bridge, in his eyes sharp pain appeared, and around it became fantastically light, not looking at the predawn twilight. In the air before his eyes about five meters above the ground a huge sparkling disk appeared. Young man it became very scary, I wanted to call for help or soon run away, but his tongue seemed to stick to the palate, and his legs literally grew into asphalt.

The disk fell to the ground, miraculously broke in two, and a strange subject came out of it with gray hair and very long hands below the knees. This is all that the Uzbek boy remembered, further in memory is a complete failure. Tulkin woke up in a comfortable soft armchair.

Uzbek boy in a different reality

He was sitting in an armchair, and the sea was splashing at his feet. But the water in this the sea was unusual – rainbow (as if on its surface floated gasoline). Hot sun was burning over the sea, which is why everything around sparkled, but the eyes perceived this sparkling beauty without the slightest stress and fatigue. The young man was surprised that right mountains grew out of the sea in the form of beautiful stalagmites.

A photo from open sources

There was no one around, the boy did not feel fear anymore – only peace and amazing ease, like after a good run. Later it’s completely incomprehensible how very pleasant music sounded, quiet, unfamiliar. For a while Tulkin enjoyed her and the view. on the fantastic sea and mountains. Then his mind began to fog and swim away.

… When the young man came to, he found himself standing next to that the bridge where he met this mysterious sparkling disk. But now there was no cylinder, moreover, for some reason it was dark, it was walking heavy rain, and everything else, the boy was very sick head…

The young man hurried home, where his appearance was perceived and with joy, and with perplexity at the same time: the fact is that Tulkin is like turned out to be absent from this world for almost a day and at the moment his return came in the early morning of another day …

Search for the missing Uzbek boy

And on that first, ill-fated day, Tulkin’s mother realized the eldest son only at seven in the morning when she discovered that breakfast even not touched, the young men are not, although it is time for him to get ready for school. She sent her youngest to Ilgor to hurry Tulkin. But Ilgor, of course, explained that he did not even see today his friend, just waited in vain all morning.

Then the father of the young man was alarmed, immediately reported the loss son to the police. Joint forces began the search for the missing schoolchild, all of Tulkin’s classmates took part in them, police group led by Major X. Saifullaev, to which already soon the district criminal investigator joined O. Khusainov.

A photo from open sources

But all efforts were in vain, a young man as if through the ground failed without leaving any traces. The police had versions several, but not one of them was actually confirmed. Of course, to assume that Tulkin “set off” (albeit not in his own way will) in a completely different world, no one simply could.

The return of the Uzbek boy

But the return of a high school student was again associated with UFO, however, Tulkin himself did not see this. But something unusual, even U. Pardaeva, an employee of the Nishan state farm, who the next morning after the boy disappeared, she went outside, at about four o’clock. It was still dark in the yard (as on purpose for some reason they turned off the electricity, which was not observed at the state farm already a hundred years), and then the rain poured out of a bucket.

A photo from open sources

And suddenly the woman saw a bright light in the sky. At first she thought that it’s powerful car headlights that work, but the light flared up and flared up until he literally began to blind his eyes, and now it was clear that he was coming straight from heaven. Woman not on I got scared and hastened to return to the house.

At that moment, Tulkin Aitmatov realized that he had returned to home world. And when after a while he appeared at home, then he surprised everyone not only with his fantastic story (this is already later). Imagine: it’s still night on the street, it is pouring in there is no light at home, and then a missing child appears, whom all they’ve been looking for a day, and with its appearance, light appears, and that’s all they see that the child entered the house from the street in absolutely dry clothes (as if from another room). Where he was, where he came from, like hell from the snuffbox …

A photo from open sources

As later told the journalist N. Iskanderova director of secondary the school where the young man studied, M. Yazdanov, a fantastic story Aitmatova just does not fit in his head, although this boy never had a wild fantasy, was very serious and honest young man. To believe that he came up with all this, from an experienced the teacher didn’t succeed, but to believe in another world, where he got boy, it didn’t work out even more …

What do you think, dear readers, where the Uzbek was young man? ..

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