After the injury, the man found an amazing musical talent

After the injury, the man gained an amazing musical talentA photo from open sources

In October 2006 American Derek Amato (now 52 years old) woke up as a talented musician, although before that he had not touched any a piano, to no other musical instrument. On the eve of an accident with him: a man dived into shallow pool and hit his head, getting a brain injury. This the trauma overnight made him a genius able to literally see music and immediately easy to play it. Waking up in a hospital, Derek I immediately realized that from now on his life would radically change.

This is the first and so far the last case in the history of scientific observations, when a person gained musical talent due to a head injury. Some children (usually with developmental disabilities) are capable of playing musical instruments almost from the cradle, however Amato’s talent is not innate. By the way, after an injury the man lost 35% of his hearing, which, however, does not upset him at all. Derek jokes that such a payment for a wonderful acquisition.

It is curious that before this fateful event, the American was homeless, spent the night in shelters and even often ate from the trash containers where supermarket workers throw expired products. The man is reluctant to talk about this period and refuses to report how he found himself on the street. Today he is a respected a musician who earns tens of thousands of dollars at his concerts. Amato got married, he has a child growing, about which the man hadn’t even dreaming.

A photo from open sources

According to Derek, if he concentrates, he starts to see the music in your head: some people fill their inner vision black and white squares floating at different speeds on the left to the right, that is, a continuous stream of musical notation. These the squares accurately indicate to the artist which key Piano at the moment to hit and how long to hold it. However, all this is a very rough explanation, since It’s extremely difficult to describe your images with the words of Amato.

A photo from open sources

13 years ago, leaving the hospital, a man first thing headed to the music store, where he sat down at the piano and surprised surrounding (and even more – himself) virtuoso playing instrument. Soon, Amato became interested in reporters, and his career has rapidly gone up. The maestro is currently giving concerts in many countries of the world, composes music for films and television. I just can’t teach my amazing the skill of others.

Amato is seriously afraid that his unusual ability will disappear so as unexpected as it appeared. Doctors, however, claim that the probability of this is extremely small, unless, of course, the man is again Do not hit your head thoroughly. Derek wrote a couple autobiographical books in which he spoke in detail about his life before and after the unfortunate (although it’s more correct to say – happy) case. At the same time, the American considers his greatest achievement not success in music, but the creation of a strong happy family.

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