Alatyr is a stone: reality or myth?

Alatyr is a stone: reality or myth?A photo from open sources

“Mighty power is hidden under that stone, and that power has no end …”, – with these words begins most of the conspiracies of the ancient Russia.

However, to find Alatyr-stone in real life, none of numerous researchers could not. Yes, and whether this is the legendary stone really? We answer this question asked the famous ethnographer, writer and historian, author of the series books “Secrets of Eurasia” by Vladimir Degtyarev.

– Vladimir Nikolaevich, where do you think came from? the term “Alatyr-stone”?

– I believe that it arose on absolutely real ground. Some “miracles” mentioned in fairy tales, myths, legends, were real objects of the physical world. Nature and time hid them from modern people, but what does it take to “take a shovel” and see: not Is “Alatyr white stone” concealed here? After all, even in the title it is indicated to whom this stone belongs and what it represents in the … operational sense. It’s clear that we are talking about God Beel – The dragon is translated from the Sumerian, whose other name was Enlil. A more precisely, about his Altar stone.

Something always burned on the ancient altars. And tradition this one is much like ancient Christianity. Naturally, later all details of the antediluvian altar rites were lost, and left one indistinct name, but with a capacious addition: “combustible.”

– That is, it is still an altar, not some a rock?

“Do you know a white combustible stone that can burn for centuries?” I guess not. Of course, for example, dry alcohol burns in the form of white pill, but this is an invention of chemists … So what you need understand the definition of “white combustible stone Alatyr” as “altar the stone of God Beel. “On this altar, fire always burned, never faded out. At any time, day or night, a person could come to the Altar of this fierce dragon god and light his little fire from his fire icon lamp.

By the way, the concept of LA AM PA DA is much more years than you can to suggest. A figurative translation of this word from an ancient syllable tongue sounds like “a small fire in a sheltered place conceived from fire God’s Altar. “We have a lot left over from paganism – not from faith, and from very ancient rites and customs. It should be said that the term “alatyr” is Turkic, ancient, it means “broken, but collected. ”

– When did you believe in such stones?

– Belief in stones was born a very long time ago, and not even this civilization. It’s also difficult to say about the age of dolmens and menhirs, our scientists do not have the exact equipment to calculate when the stone was processed in MEN GIR – “human rocket” in translation from ancient Sumerian. It’s a lot easier to make calculations based on times when pagan faith on the planet was exposed total destruction. I believe that a very sharp “lack of faith” peoples of the Earth in ancient gods occurred at the junction of the X-XI centuries BC. e.

Then a lot of natural disasters happened, many the peoples left the habitable places and fled, and some sailed away. The populations of Macronesia and Micronesia happened just then … Facts this order is very much. And everyone in my conclusion supports me extraordinary researchers. Then she was suddenly born (she was clearly and planned) ideology of faith in the resurrection and in those who will rise himself and raise others …

– Is it possible to find a stone alatyr in real life?

– Maybe. He is not alone on the planet. In Eurasia alone there are several of them. The most powerful altar complexes of God Beel (or God Baal) were usually created at the location of the rockets of the gods, on ancient syllable language – DO. Still huge in the West Catholic cathedrals are called DO OM. And they are usually built in place of the ancient pagan altars … Of course, when the powerful the pagan temple under the spears drove the people and ordered that altar smash, people smash him. And stones were laid under the debris foundation of the future cathedral.

By the way, the bell that you see on any bell tower, in the ancient written syllable language it was called DO. He is in profile looks like the head unit of a powerful ancient rocket of the gods – DIN GIR: from there ferocious sounds came to people, from there lights shone different colors, received orders, prohibitions, thanksgiving …

– What may be connected with the well-known expression that beneath this stone “is hidden mighty power, which has no end”?

– As I mentioned, in ancient times the altars were put in place long, sometimes underground (mine) based powerful ships of the gods. All the people of those years knew this. It also happened that with one people left this place, and another came. But knowledge remained. Another thing is that, say, a people who believed in Dragon, and those who worshiped the Bull came … I am in Siberia a lot and talked with archaeologists for a long time. They confirm this fact. curious observations.

Dragon Altar is rectangular. Bull Altar – Round. Believers in the Bull, the corners of the dragon altar were simply and accurately beaten and … hid them under the already new altar of the Bull. And about the “mighty power, which has no end “I can say that the ancient gods did not rockets put anyhow where. Their ships stood at the points of power of the Earth. And than, these spacecraft-based locations (without crew) constantly tested … let’s just say – from somewhere. Maybe from space, or maybe with a certain pyramid.

The Magi noticed what was happening around the altar at such verification, and knew the days and hours when the verification ship equipment. And accordingly, they could demonstrate to people gathered at a certain day and hour at the altar, many miracles.

Interviewed by Dmitry SOKOLOV

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