Albert Einstein’s double works as a taxi driver in New york city

A photo from open sources

Albert Einstein, alive and well, drives a taxi in New York. Under this heading, The Inquisitr published an article about the double of a brilliant scientist. Photo of a taxi driver looking like Einstein, posted on the forum one of Internet users. portal user under nickname shark153 wrote: “I took a taxi to Penn Station (Pennsylvania Station), and the driver looked kinda weird. “The driver repeated the grimace of a Nobel laureate with his tongue hanging out, captured in a famous photograph. American Journalists publications note: “We do not know anything about this double driver Einstein, in addition to what can be seen in the photograph. But the similarities obviously. “The photo caused a flurry of comments on the forum where it laid out. Some Internet users suggested that the author I paid the taxi driver so that he stuck out his tongue, as he famous double. And one of the commentators came up with a whole Scenario for a science fiction movie: “Reflecting on Opportunity travel in time, Einstein settled with a select group scientists in the desert and there he developed a top-secret project under the name “Quantum Leap.”

A photo from open sources

To prove the validity of his theory, Einstein stepped into time machine and disappeared. He woke up in the future, suffering from partial memory loss. Here he jumps from one life to another, changing the course of things that once went wrong, and hopes that the next his leap will take him home. ”

Drivers Time Doubles Einstein

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