“Alien” from Suzemka

"Alien" from SuzemkaA photo from open sources

In Suzemka, where Lena lives, she is called an “alien”. Twenty three year old girl thanks to her phenomenal abilities, heals people. Many people know her in the village, but she doesn’t want popularity, so she asked not to indicate her surname and refused to be photographed: – It’s no use. I graduated from medical college, got a job in one of polyclinics in Bryansk and I do not want to be annoyed. Because today There are no absolutely healthy people.

Lena found out about her extraordinary abilities by chance when jokingly began to treat the hands of grandmother’s eyes. To the surprise of family, on the next day the woman took off her glasses and still does not need them. Lena believes that she owes her phenomenal abilities the aliens she met in a rural field when she was 13 years. But anomalous phenomena at that time were not studied at all, and the story of a teenage girl about an unusual meeting with tall people in silver suits adults perceived as a childhood fantasy. Lena, too, for a long time could not believe what had happened and deciding that it was her I thought I forgot about a miracle meeting. But two girlfriends, classmates Lena, who were with her that day and saw everything, tirelessly they said that it was true. It was a hot July afternoon. Girls returning home from school practice. – Went through the field, past lakes. Suddenly in the distance on the road we saw a car that looked like an ambulance, only it was the color of a gray sky, without doors with a clipped front and a red glow inside. we scared and turned. And then I was bewitched, – recalls Lena. – It is not clear whether it is day or night, birds do not sing, silence it became such that even the rumor hurt. Suddenly five got out of the car creatures, three headed the other way, and two towards. Among there was one woman. I spotted it on a silver handkerchief, which was tied up somehow strange. On another creature was spacesuit. The aliens were very tall, as noticeable towered over ripe rye, while an ordinary person hiding under her. We approached strange creatures. One of they spoke to us in a “Lilliputian” voice, sounding like in the pipe. The alien explained to the girls that they flew to measure radiation, and showed a device that looked like a gun: with a wide barrel. According to Lena, he “pulled the trigger” and said that the level of radiation normal for their locality, while in nearby villages elevated. Oddly enough it sounds, but I was not afraid incomprehensible “people” and even touched one of them – tells the girl. – His clothes were made of material, similar to soft foil, but not rustling from touch. Later aliens entered the “car” and it flew silently over the field. The girls, returning home, told everything to their parents. Those of course they didn’t believe it. Then the girlfriends the next day went to the field in hoping to find traces. But they didn’t find anything. Resigned to by this, the girls began to forget what had happened. Three days later to the village a woman came from the village of Zernovo to write firewood and said that a strange incident the other day happened in their village: a man went to forest to hunt and saw gray-silver flying over the trees a car. I decided to shoot, but the trigger was not pulled until UFO did not hide. Since then, for ten years, Lena has been treating with her hands. people. Two of her girlfriends, who also saw the aliens that day, there is no such gift. Why? It is difficult to answer and explain. But Lena the only girl touched the man in the spacesuit. Through two years after meeting in the field, Lena began to notice another anomalous phenomenon: if a person is dressed in gray, then she sees him insides. The first time I saw the internal organs of my computer science teachers, right in the lesson, and very scared. Later, when he came to class in a gray sweater, I tried not to look on him. I have sharply decreased performance in this subject, and the teacher once asked: “What’s the matter?”. I said nothing. Not I could tell him: “Viktor Ivanovich, don’t put on this sweater! “another girl sees a man through the ordinary water in an opaque glass. Lena’s mom, knowing about the incredible abilities of her daughter, forbids her to treat strangers. After session “hand therapy” the girl feels bad. But his She helps friends. I myself saw how the girl identified improperly fused bones of the forearm and delivered the woman from constant aching pain. Lena does not like to talk about her gift, still does not take him seriously. Although she went for him work in medicine. – Before medical college, I could not diagnose illness, but explained that she felt with her hands, in her own way, for example, if a person has radiculitis – it’s like lightning is shooting in my palms. IN college, thanks to my vision, it was easier for me to study than to others. The teacher shows on the poster. internal organs man, and I come home, plant my mother next to me, take a mug of water and study. My dream is to go to medical school. I would probably be nice could become a surgeon. I don’t need to cut a man to see what’s inside it. Unusual girl only regrets that he cannot heal himself. The tooth gets sick and you have to go to the hospital.

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