Alien on top of Peña Huaika

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A team of paranormal experts has recently committed climbing Mount Peña Huaika, which in Russian can translate as the “Gate of the Gods”, and met there something unusual.

The mysterious mountain is located between the cities of Tenho and Tabio, and considered one of the most mysterious places in Colombia, where constantly various paranormal events occur. Local indians consider Peña Huaika – the sacred mountain on which he lives powerful spirit capable of killing everyone who falls into his possession. At least according to the aboriginal beliefs, the lord mountains leads a man astray, and he can no longer return, lost in space or in time …

A group led by Rafe Taibo went to the “Gate of the Gods” just then to confirm or refute rumors about the existence of a terrible and unkind spirit on the mountain, through whose fault many people have already disappeared. However, nothing unusual researchers met. And suddenly … already on the descent from the mountain, Taifo Rafe heard in some strange sounds in the bushes. The researcher immediately pointed at them camcorder and captured a gray face and unnaturally huge eyes peering out from lush vegetation (see video).

Later, photo specialists processed the images in which the “alien” was well defined as the alien familiar to us with with huge eyes without pupils. Most likely, a mysterious mountain chosen by aliens, that’s just for what purpose they abduct people, it’s not clear, and why the Rafe Tybo group did not meet more nothing supernatural, too, remains a mystery.

They say that many skeptics went to Mount Peña Huaika who then abruptly changed their mind about the supernatural, because very strange things happened to them, and they saw “strangers” almost everyone who dared to step into this sacred for the Indians a place. To some extent, this “fate” and researchers led by Pena Huaika, although scientists were counting on something more …

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