Alien photography still haunts ufologists

Photography with an alien still haunts ufologistsA photo from open sources

The photograph in which the little alien was captured was taken May 10, 2004 in one of the parks of Santiago (Chile), but it still causes heated debate among researchers paranormal phenomena.

Please note that the photo itself is very poor quality, the picture turned out oiled because its author is an engineer German Pereira (German Pereyda) did it on a Kodak DX6490 camera with installation it has a relatively low shutter speed because the weather on that day was cloudy. As a result, the image was blurred.

A photo from open sources

But just this, perhaps, allowed the photographer to “catch” in the frame something unusual – a little man who calmly crosses the road in the park behind the horses of the Carabinieri riders. Herman himself did not notice anything suspicious at that moment, so this strange I would definitely notice a figure on the road. But … she was not there. However, when the photographer looked at the pictures the next day, made by him in the park, this mysterious photo surfaced.

Thanks to the Internet, the photograph and its author will soon became popular objects for researchers of all stripes. Of course, many felt that it was just a photo montage, and the most ridiculous, designed, apparently, for fools. Herman Pereida himself swore and swore that he did nothing with the picture.

Workers undertook to examine the photo for its authenticity UIFA Chilean Society CIFAE (pictured below is Eric Martinez from CIFAE and to the right is Herman Pereira himself). Their verdict is the photo was really taken on a Kodak DX 6490 camera and not was subjected to no processing.

A photo from open sources

But who he is this mysterious alien is so strange captured in the picture, that’s the question? Today There are several versions of who it could be:

  • most likely an alien from the so-called “grays” aliens. “That is what comes to mind first;
  • goblin or gnome who also no no yes get into the lenses cameras and camcorders;
  • a ghost, which is why the author did not see it with his own eyes, however, as note almost everything, this is a rather strange ghost;
  • a child, however, for a child, the figure in the photo is even stranger, than for a ghost. Besides, why didn’t I notice this freak photographer;
  • monkey but what does she do in the center of the park far from wild nature, and why no one saw her, even Herman Pereyda himself? TO besides, if she escaped from a zoo or a menagerie, that would be newspaper ad – but it wasn’t (researchers searched something like that);
  • someone even suggested that it was just a fallen branch. It is unlikely, but this version is good, especially for skeptics.

A photo from open sources

There is one more incomprehensible fact in this story: Pereira did then there are about ten shots in the park – and all, he claims, on the same shutter speed (the weather was consistently bad for photographing). All shots turned out to be of high quality, except for that and on all of them, besides this, there is nothing unusual. Like someone specially slowed down the shutter speed on the camera captured, albeit somewhat blurry, this mysterious alien …

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