All illnesses from thoughts

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All events in our lives are shaped by our thoughts. They are can cause illness, because “bad” thoughts are the same emotions, fears and feelings, but only more intense, but because very dangerous … All events in our life are shaped by ours thoughts. They can cause illness, as “bad” thoughts – these are the same emotions, fears and feelings, but only more intense, and because it is very dangerous. Just the thought “I am not loved” can become cause various diseases because this negative emotion blocks the chakra (sacrum), where is the source of life energy. If a person suffers from a lack of love, his immunity weakens – as a result, sexual problems arise, conflicts with people. The fear “I do not love” arises in childhood. So, for example, if a pregnant woman doubts, wants to whether she is a child or not, it then affects the born to the child. If a woman at least in her thoughts did not want a baby in the first month of pregnancy, then a born baby may become a potential smoker. If a woman wishes to have an abortion on the second month of pregnancy, you may be born an alcoholic, the third – a mentally unhealthy person with pathologies in development, on the fourth – a drug addict. Criminals, killers and maniacs more often born to mothers who wanted to have an abortion in their fifth month pregnancy, on the sixth – suicides are born. Mental or only the child himself can correct verbal sin of the mother, and mom can help him by asking forgiveness from him for his fears, for that she failed to lovingly let a tiny creature into the world. Why during an epidemic, some easily fall ill, while others do not have a virus beret? Or why, despite the use of drugs, Diseases come back again, and sometimes new ones arise? Folk wisdom says that all diseases are from nerves. But karmic medicine believes that people attract diseases because of their own fears, because a fearful person collects his fears all his life, turning insignificant resentment into great destructive anger. Tumors, malignant and other types, arise from “concentrated” malice. Moreover, genital cancer happens in mostly in people who feel contempt, hatred and anger towards opposite sex. In women, uterine diseases occur due to fear of being a bad mother or because of the fear “I am not loved.” Appendicitis occurs when a person is discouraged and feels humiliated. And he grows fat because he strives for impossible goals, feeling defenseless. Abdominal diseases arise from excessive desire for power and displeasure from his absence. One of the reasons female fullness – self-pity, the feeling that no one you are not needed, and that no one loves you. This may affect improper metabolism. Stones in the liver, kidneys and gall bubble arise from the hostility of hatred and anger. Sore throat such like asthma or bronchitis, appear from resentment against people or circumstances. Children often have a sore throat when parents they are in conflict, and the child cannot influence this in any way. Diseases hearts are most often due to increased guilt self-sacrifice, suppressed and inseparable love, fear that you unworthy of love. Heart attacks and strokes – diseases of fighters for justice, so most people dying from this disease – men who go all their way forward by any means. More often than not, they did not allow themselves to cry or otherwise. express your emotions in a moment of weakness and grief. Conflict between sense and mind causes brain diseases, including psychical deviations. It is because of a lack of purpose that people live in unreal world, get confused in their own fantasies and go off of the mind. Leg problems characterize financially unsatisfied people, as well as those who can hardly find their life path. Swelling feet is a disease of the poor and greedy. These people usually doubt own life force and without realizing it become losers. Most often, spinal diseases occur due to lack of stability. Spinal curvature is usually appears in children, in families with weak and weak-willed father. A man cheats because of a lack of love, or vice versa, because of her excess. If a girl loves very madly, a man intuitively feels danger and begins to walk, and then torments himself remorse. Everything that hurts on the right side is connected with female energy. If the right nostril is blocked do not hold a grudge against woman, if something is aching on the left side, then change your negative attitude towards men Remove hatred for “strong sex, “and the pain will disappear. Mental state affects the course of the disease, to our life. Think good, tune in more optimistic mood – and you will see how life will change to for the best.

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