All – on electric cars!

China may become the first superpower to transplant all
their citizens with obsolete cars with diesel and petrol
motors for electric cars.

At least about the plans to ban the use of the Middle Kingdom
�”Environmentally dirty” cars recently said Deputy Prime Minister
Government of the PRC in charge of industry and information
technology, Xin Gobin.

Such measures, he stressed, which, of course, will be introduced
gradually, push car owners, of which there are hundreds
million, transfer to more modern and safe
environmental vehicles. This way can
the problem with the ecology, which is still in China
acutely – and progress in its improvement today is small, too

Xin Gobin understands that the implementation of this program can
drag on for a long period, but the main thing, he stresses, –
start as quickly as possible to implement this very necessary for
China’s measures – in the near future, for example, with the next 2018
of the year.

According to optimistic analysts who predict accelerated
the development of our society, China may well reorient the whole
global automotive industry for the production of electric vehicles if
seriously take up the implementation of this program, since its already
soon will be supported by other states – and this will be a definite
chain reaction, very fertile for the whole world.

Is the rate of electric vehicles reasonable?

Skeptics believe that oil tycoons will not allow China,
no one else has to cut their incomes, so all these declarative
The statements that Xin Gobin makes today are designed only for
average man and are political maneuvers, but not real
and constructive plans for the future. By the way, China is not the first
year makes such statements, and even does something in this regard,
However, it is, in fact, a drop in the sea, which, firstly, nothing
decides, and, secondly, does not bother anyone. True, and about improving
ecology in this case can not speak …

And yet: in the world there are already a lot of inventions of perpetual motion machines,
virtually no power, far superior
electromotors (with their disadvantages, since we are still
also have not yet learned to produce environmentally clean and safe),
therefore, crossing electric cars, as an alternative to the current
auto. But these inventions are not needed by anyone, moreover, themselves
inventors are at best in persecution and poverty at worst
– they are simply removed so as not to interfere (of course, to whom). What about
in this case, the revolution in mechanical engineering can we talk? And what can
make China here, is also dependent not only on oil, but
even from the American dollar? ..

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