Altai spirit forced vacationers to stop litter

Altai spirit made vacationers stop litteringA photo from open sources

Conquerors of the famous Ukok Plateau in the Russian Republic Altai stopped leaving garbage in nature. This is pleasantly surprising feature compatriots began to discover recently local community members and environmentalists. According to them, tourists started tidy up after oneself, afraid to anger the so-called the progenitor of the Altai people, whose spirit is believed to inhabit in the Ukok Nature Park.

In 1993, the Ukok Quiet Zone gained worldwide fame, when here during archaeological excavations discovered the mummy of the times Pazyryk culture of the sixth-third centuries BC. Mummy, named by reporters the Princess of Ukok, belongs to the young a woman who died at the age of about twenty-five. According to According to the beliefs of the indigenous population of the republic, Princess Ukoka performed the role of the guardian of peace of this land and protected people from evil forces.

The worried spirit of Princess Ukok

Today, the Ukok is visited daily by hundreds of tourists. Of course such a number of “civilized” vacationers could not but affect on the cleanliness of the reserve. Natural Park staff periodically arrange subbotniks, clearing the plateau of bottles, disposable tableware and other garbage. However, when they were about to take up cleaning the park for the last time, we were surprised to find that the terrain was practically clean and did not require cleaning. In what the reason for such a favorable change in people? Of course, decent and There are many responsible citizens in Russia (just as many are irresponsible), however, the park staff felt that thank for such law obedience is nevertheless necessary precisely to the princess of Ukok. According to rumored her spirit seriously punishes negligent tourists for disrespect to nature, and gradually the stories of these punishments distributed among vacationers.

A photo from open sources

Disputes about mystical events triggered by found on The plateaus of the mummy have not ceased for more than two decades. According to According to many indigenous Altaians, when the Princess of Ukok was disturbed and got out of the grave, she was seriously angry and started without consider punishing people for their transgressions. In the republic floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters became more frequent. FROM those who litter here, various misfortunes began to happen – not the most serious, but still tangible. For coincidence and chance here it’s better not to hope, so vacationers are now less and less tempted fate and tidy up in order not to anger a powerful spirit Ukoki, who is already angry with people.

Altai elders and spiritual leaders for many years are seeking the return of Princess Ukok to the bosom of her native land, however, Russian Orthodox scholars in response to this claim that the mummy needs to be examined and preserved since it is a unique cultural and historical monument of the world values.

A photo from open sources

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