Amazing and inexplicable timing

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Chronicle is a supernatural phenomenon, allowing a person or group of people to observe events from past and sometimes future. For a short time, the border between the present and any other time period is thinning, whereby eyewitnesses have the opportunity to contemplate and hear what what once happened or will happen in the future. The a phenomenon is observed in many parts of the world, and some places have become particularly famous because of the periodic appearance in them chronomrage.

Fighter over Biggin Hill

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Above the abandoned Biggin Hill military airfield on the southern outskirts London repeatedly noticed and continue to notice the fighter “Supermarine Spitfire” from the Second World War. Propeller a plane from the 40s, according to witnesses, has the property to make peculiar circles of honor over the airport and disappear into the clouds. Some people even hear the noise of an aircraft engine, when it flies low above the ground. Someone is convinced that this rather than chronomrage, but a real ghost (sometimes the difference difficult to determine). Skeptics believe that the fighter is real and belongs to some wealthy collector.

Flaming castle in Lisbon grove

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In September 2004, a suburb of the Portuguese capital arose incredible timing, which struck hundreds of eyewitnesses with its huge the dimensions. At about 7 p.m. over the area of ​​the area about 3 square kilometers thunderclouds appeared, then rain poured. A lot of cars rode along a busy highway. Suddenly after another flash of lightning in a small grove near the road appeared a magnificent castle, embraced by fire. Fire glow illuminated the whole district. The shocked drivers stopped and got out of their cars to better see the castle. Someone even called firefighters, but after 15 minutes the chronomiraz disappeared, and rescuers came in vain.

Megapolis in a fishing town

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In the small Chinese town of Penglai a few years ago observed one of the longest chrono-mirages. He lasted almost 4 hours. In the evening, white fog descended on Penglai, but in there was no haze in the coastal part of the city. Many witnesses who were on the coast, looked at the light canvas of fog and saw on it, like on a movie theater screen, a peculiar projection. Instead of a modest fishing town, the Chinese appeared futuristic metropolis with tall skyscrapers, fantastic towers and airways.

Knights on Lake Pleshcheevo

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Pleshcheyevo lake located in the Yaroslavl region, some consider a holy place, others, on the contrary, are damned. Beside is the ancient Russian city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Water dense fogs often envelop, through which, as the local says legend, you can see the knights. Old Russian heroes came across here in front of many people. Unfortunately, the timing in this the terrain does not last very long, but because of mass events with hundreds or at least dozens of witnesses on Lake Pleshcheyev It was.

Isl of Tanet

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The English countryside of Isl of Tennet has long been famous for its chronomrage. The most famous such case occurred in the 30s years of the last century with the doctor Edward Gibson Moon. Having served the next patient, the doctor left his house. Taking a few steps from the porch, our hero suddenly noticed that the fence around the house the patient has disappeared. The medic turned around and realized that the house had also evaporated, and unfamiliar area stretches around. By dirt road to Moon was approached by a man in old clothes and with a silicon gun on the shoulder. Strangers looked at it in surprise for a while. each other, and then the mirage disappeared, and the Englishman found himself near customer’s home. Perhaps in the past a man with a gun also saw timing, only for him it was a vision of the future.

Stockholm Duration

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For the Swedish capital, timing is also a frequent occurrence. So in early 18th century famous inventor and philosopher Emmanuel Swedenborg walked around Stockholm and suddenly saw a huge a palace instead of the usual look of wooden houses. Palace, by According to the man, surrounded by lush gardens in which they walked elegantly dressed people. Swedenborg saw it all as well as the same in the morning – a familiar street. And at the end of the 19th century in the sky above the city picturesque islands with amazing landscapes were seen, and these mirages were also incredibly clear realistic.

Air Islands in Ireland

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In 1908, green appeared in the sky above the Irish county of Sligo island with many trees, houses and high fortresses constructions. Hundreds of eyewitnesses were struck by this phenomenon before the depths of the soul. One of the witnesses became interested in this miracle and found out from old records that in 1684 they also saw hovering above land island with a beautiful city. And in County Cork, a similar an anomaly was observed at least in 1776, 1797 and 1801. To some witnesses of chronological miracles even managed to examine people strolling through the streets of the heavenly chamber.

The late healer of Protasovo

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Protasovo is a small village in the Tula region. More than a century back there was a terrible event by the standards of those days. The village teacher went to the local healer and received from that medicines. When the patient came back, he met a friend and told where he was coming from. A familiar teacher, taken aback, said that the healer is dead and buried him last week. Our hero, Of course, I did not believe it. He was not too lazy to go back and found the boarded up house of the doctor. That’s just the medicine in your pocket the teachers were real, so there could be no hallucination speech.

Monks of the Nikandrov Holy Annunciation Desert

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Nikandrova Holy Annunciation Desert – orthodox monastery in the Pskov region – long known to researchers supernatural phenomena that knows how to “project” chronomrage. Most often, monks in ancient robes appear here, at the same time they are completely different from ghosts. Ascetics do not look like translucent smoky shapes, and like the most normal people, however, they behave like holograms. Monks walk through the walls and trees, ignore new paths, passing through the places where there used to be trails.

Airplanes over Black Peak

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Between the English cities of Manchester and Sheffield is located Mount Black Peak, over which periodically appear chronomrage. Locals and visiting travelers have noticed many times in the sky airplanes from the past. So, in 1997, the couple David and Helen Shaw saw above the ground an old bomber that looked at the same time completely new, as if someone had restored and brought to work view of an exhibit of some military museum. Interested in this by observation, David later found out that the plane crashed here back in 1945 due to bad weather.

Miracles of the Zhiguli Peninsula

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On the Zhiguli Peninsula on the bend of the Volga in the Samara region chronomrage notice almost every quarter. Usually, witnesses in the sky above the earth many domes and turrets some delightful temple that has never been anywhere in Russia It was. It is noteworthy that eyewitnesses notice an anomaly in different places peninsula: someone on the top of the hill, someone at the cliff, someone by the river, someone – not far from the local pond. Identify it religious construction is not possible – it is possible that mankind did not create anything like this at all. Can, an incredible temple to be built here in the future?

The Battle of Shiloh

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The battle of Shiloh, which occurred from April 6 – 7, 1862 in Tennessee considered the most bloody battle US Civil War. Total collision loss amounted to about 24 thousand people. According to local city legend, in Shiloh they still see a metaphysical “video” of this battle: guns rattle, guns shoot, sabers ring, shout wounded soldiers. If you believe the rumors, the first such a chrono-mirage seen back in late 1862, just a few months after terrible battle.

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