Amazing anomaly in the sky over Colorado

An amazing anomaly in the sky over ColoradoPhotos from open sources of

The video below was received last Saturday, November 24, in the American city of Denver, Colorado. Local resident Jessica Owen Klein was with her young son near their house and saw an amazing anomaly in the evening sky, casting a shadow on the clouds. She looked like some incredible a long snake high above the ground. The most curious thing is that on one of the ends of the “snake” was seen an incomprehensible flying object.

In all likelihood, it was a dark UFO that was thrown into the atmosphere it is an incomprehensible accumulation of gases, steam, smoke or some other substances. Many users of the World Wide Web found that it is a chemotrace. Say, a secret government (or even aliens) sprays hazardous chemicals over our planet, leading to climate change, as well as diseases, mutations, infertility and the like. Many commentators have advised an American woman to leave the city as soon as possible, and even better than the state, along with close. However, this is easier said than done, therefore Jessica and her family still had to stay in their native Denver.

The woman claims that there is nothing wrong with them so far happened. Perhaps it really was a “flying saucer” representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, but no danger to people her “fanciful exhausts” did not represent. Yes and whether it will be possible somewhere to hide if the “green men” (yes even deep US government) suddenly express a desire to begin to poison inhabitants of our “blue ball”?

As for aliens, many ufologists will tell you, conspiracy theorists and other specialists, this is unlikely, they are more likely help us survive, saving us, for example, from asteroids, nuclear war and so on. Why else should they poison us? Or rather it will be said so: if they wanted it, they would have destroyed it long ago humanity, and quickly and painlessly …

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