Amazing billiard tricks showing off unlimited possibilities of man

Amazing billiard tricks, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of manA photo from open sources

Somehow on our website we published a note about the fantastic the billiard blow of Vitaliy Fakinel, who in 1999 thanks this hit the Guinness Book of Records. However its incredible a breakdown of a deck of balls that, with one hit, all go into pockets, turned out to be an accident, since Vitaly himself was not even professional in billiards.

Today we offer you to look much more interesting pool tricks of a professional pool player Florian Kohler. Everything that he demonstrates does not even come close to the concept “accident”. All these fantastic ball tricks are the result hours of training. But not only.

As one of the creators of this video clip said, a representative American team of stuntmen and stuntmen Dude Perfect, Mozart, like many other musicians, he also constantly trained to his playing the piano or violin was immaculately pure and perfect. But how many in the history of musical art were Mozart?

Florian Kohler demonstrates in this video not only the highest skill, but also his amazing talent as a pool player, talent, bordering on genius. However, see for yourself and do it yourself. relevant findings …

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