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Chocolate hills are an amazing geological formation located on the Philippine island of Bohol. At 50 square kilometers there are numerous hills the exact number of which no one knows. According to various sources, the number of these heights is from 1260 to 1776 pieces. IN hot season, the grass on them changes color from green to chocolate brown, so this area got its “sweet” name.

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Chocolate Hills – A Popular Tourist Landmark of the province of Bohol. They are depicted in local coat of arms and flag symbolizing unique natural diversity region. This geological formation is listed the most important tourist sites of the Philippines and proposed for inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Residents of the country are very proud this attraction and is recommended by visitors to tourists to visit it in the first place.

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Hundreds of hills located on a huge plateau have perfect conical shape with a significant angle of slopes. Despite the fact that they are composed of limestone, they do not have karst caves. In the dry season, as mentioned above, grass in the hills acquires a bright brown color. Hills begin strongly stand out from the surrounding forests, so really remind slides of cocoa powder or grated chocolate. Height small hills do not exceed 30 meters, while the most large towers more than 100 meters above the ground.

How the Chocolate Hills Originated

People of science still disagree on the origin of this miracle of nature. Some scientists suggest that this the remains of volcanic activity, covering the calcareous crust. Other experts believe that Chocolate Hills were formed due to the rise of coral deposits and weathering of the soil. Third convinced that once there was an ancient ocean, the bottom of which as a result of the retreat of water, it acquired conical protrusions.

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Local mythology explains the origin of the hills in its own way. One legend says that once there was a battle of two giants, for months throwing sand and stones at each other. The giants, however, nevertheless reconciled in the end and left the island, and the result of their battle in the form of mountains remained. According to another, more romantic myth, here once lived a giant wizard Arogo, who fell in love with the mortal girl Aloyu. That, however, is not fed to the giant of mutual feelings. She married a man and died in old age. When this happened, inconsolable Arogo cried for a long time, and every tear that fell on him turned into a hill.

The local landscape, though not very diverse, but photographing nature with a camera is still extremely interesting. IN different days Chocolate Hills can look completely different. As the clouds appear, the heights immediately cover a huge shadow. Haze of fog periodically appears, imparting to the hills mystical mystery. This area is especially beautiful on sunrise and sunset.

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