Amazing heavenly flicker filmed at night in Germany

Amazing heavenly flicker filmed at night in GermanyA photo from open sources

June 22 this year, the German city of Gelsenkirchen, which located in the northern part of the Ruhr region, was at the epicenter a very mysterious phenomenon that can not yet be explained by any orthodox scientists, nor researchers of the supernatural phenomena.

At night, an incomprehensible red-orange appeared over the city flickering pulsating at strictly defined intervals time. Eyewitnesses of this amazing phenomenon immediately realized that we can’t talk about a natural phenomenon, and hastened to capture abnormal glow on the video. By turning on the video below, received by someone from the locals, you can see everything with your eyes.

An unknown author claims to have experienced shooting time some irrational mystical fear, as if something huge, invisible and powerful was watching intently him from the horizon. The perplexed German suggests that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are involved here: either the mysterious glow was caused by their spaceship, or it was a kind of alien entity. By the way, according to his owls, something experienced all the townspeople who witnessed this strange flicker in the sky.

Many ufologists on the World Wide Web agreed that everything was to blame there may be “green men” and their aircraft. At least least explain the mysterious throb in a different way difficult.

However, there were ardent opponents of an alien theory, which with emphasize with some sarcasm that we have recently become fashionable to blame everything on aliens. I get the impression that it has become convenient not only for ufologists, but even for scientists. There is an explanation for the phenomenon – please, no – aliens. That’s because what a magic wand …

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