Amazing Iron Pillar in India

Christians often say: look how many miracles we have: myrrh-streaming icons, self-igniting grace of fire, Turin cloak healing the dead, the Holy Grail, etc. Perhaps these are miracles, and perhaps primitive magic or tricks. But often resent and leave when it comes to the wonders of the Vedic civilization. Photos from open sources In India near Delhi, in the town Shimaihalori, there is a huge iron pillar-column. His high – 6.7 meters, diameter 1.37 meters. The pillar is decorated with an antique ornamentally and outwardly resembles a column of an ancient temple. Maybe, this pillar was installed several millennia ago. The most surprisingly, it is not at all susceptible to corrosion and destruction. IN 1739 a cannonball was released at it that didn’t inflict a pillar not the slightest harm. As the ancient masters managed to create chemically pure iron, how to cast a metal column 7 meters high and girth thick? Science cannot explain this is. Some scientists consider the Iron Column evidence the existence of a long-extinct ancient civilization, others believe that she was left in memory of a visit to Earth by aliens. The famous Kutubov column on the altar of the Kuwat-ul-Islam mosque in perhaps the fortress city of Lal-Kot, near Delhi, perhaps today remains one of the many cult engineering creations of the ancient civilizations that keep the secret of the Great knowledge of antiquity, attracting more and more researchers. There are many hypotheses about the origin of the column, many argue that never stainless post made of meteorite iron and some Sure that this is the work of the aliens themselves! Standing open the sky the legendary iron column with a diameter of 0.485 meters reaches more than 7 meters high and weighs about 6 tons. The inscription on the column reports that she was brought and delivered at this place in the reign of Samandragunta, who lived from 330 to 380 A.D. The Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary says: “… The iron column of the Raja Dhava (beginning of the 4th century AD) was set up in the memory of the victory over the peoples of Central Asia, as stated by here is the Sanskrit inscription. ” For more than 1600 years, rare iron products are preserved to this day. On the visible surface columns no traces of rust. Until recently, it was believed that if the column washed by rains and dew does not rust, then it made of pure iron. No other explanation was found.

The fame of this column was also added by the legends of its magical healing properties that save people from a number of diseases. It is believed that a patient arriving here on crutches is sufficient stand, hugging the column, 20-30 minutes to recover. Scientists conducted a series of studies of an iron column in Delhi. For instance, English experts took small samples as samples pieces of metal for holding a physicochemical in London analysis. Upon arrival in London, it turned out that the samples were covered rust. Soon, Swedish material scientist I. Wranglen and colleagues found a zone of severe corrosion on the bottom of the column. It turned out that in the area of ​​the foundation, it rusted to a depth of 16 millimeters over the entire diameter. Belief in pure stainless iron was undermined but other questions remained. Why, for example, the column does not rust higher from the foundation, and also how to explain its healing force? Many years of efforts by Russian researchers revealed a number of previously unknown features of this building. For example, it turned out that the foundation of the column is made in the form of a two-sided pyramid (rhombus), it forms a vertical invisible to the ordinary eye energy flow resembling the shape of a candle flame in height about 8 meters and a diameter of more than 2 meters. Similar energy fields observed over the tops of the pyramids and other places of worship, for example, Orthodox churches made in the form of pyramids, raised above the ground. Above their central onion head iron crosses are also not subject to corrosion, if they are correct installed in the energy field. Photos from open sources. Studies show that inside the column at a height of about 3 meters from the ground there is additional source of energy field radiation, made in in the form of a small compressed rectangular package of thin sheets of unknown radioactive metal. Radiation source inserted into the column through drilled and then plugged hole. Perhaps there is a message to posterity. New column studies may reveal additional interesting intelligence. It can be assumed that the energy field shell of iron The columns provide reliable corrosion protection. Reason for the appearance rust on the column in the area of ​​embedding it in the foundation may be water film from rain and dew forming on a horizontal foundation surface that goes beyond the energy case. As for the miracle of healing the sick, here is the main the role is played by the vertical flow of the energy field, which beneficial effect on human energy, normalizes work the whole body. Man gets powerful extra energy recharge, being completely in the arms of the energy field of the column. Recall that modern medicine acts magnetic electric and other energy fields only to certain sections of the human body without restoring the deformed the energy envelope of a person as a whole. The version is also curious. creating an iron column. More than 12 thousand years ago west of Bombay fell a large iron meteorite, the remains of which are there and now on the shelf of the sea. In heyday atlantic and indian civilizations local masters created three identical iron columns by the method of crystallization of fragments meteorite. In a similar way, underground caves were made and other ritual products. There archaeologists nowadays find many finished and unfinished products from crystallized iron. Photos from open sources Special form and construction of the foundation, containing stimulants of the energy flow (crystals, amber, rare earth and radioactive elements), as well as the design of the iron columns allowed the ancient masters to create an energy field flow around the column, which can conditionally be called the “Channel space communications “(energy antenna). Similar ritual columns (pillars) of stone, wood or metal in the area of ​​cult places are found on all continents of the planet. They are different in the size and complexity of manufacturing. Some reached 20 meters heights (Hercules pillars), others – only a few meters. For example, in Northern Bukovina at the Rzhavinsky sanctuary (VIII-X centuries AD) a tetrahedral stone pillar with a height of more than 2 was discovered meters, tapering upwards, without inscriptions and images. He stood in the center of the sanctuary, symbolizing the “World axis” around which in the process of ritual actions mysteriously and symbolically revolved The sun. In fact, such columns (columns) fulfilled their functional, not symbolic purpose. Priests possessed knowledge of the use and transformation of weak earthly power flows. In a word, a stone pillar played the same role here, like the iron pillar in Delhi. Photos from open sources Nowadays, similar stone pillars can be seen in French Brittany (giant menhirs), in England (carved cross from Gosford), in Crimea, in the Caucasus, in Africa, Central America. Many of them have a special fundamental “pillow” and energy-emitting sources forming an increased vertical energy flow around the posts. Creations of the ancients reveal their energy side.

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