Amazing mother-of-pearl clouds sprang over Norway

Amazing mother-of-pearl clouds arose over NorwayA photo from open sources

Experts report that the stratosphere above the polar circle of the Earth getting incredibly cold. Only in this way can scientists explain amazing pearly clouds a few days ago over the island of Qualeia in the Norwegian northern province of Finnmark.

According to the people of science, for the formation of such multi-colored clouds need a temperature no higher than minus 85 degrees C Celsius. Water molecules in such cold air, they say, are connected, which leads to the formation of ice crystals. Ice pierced by high-altitude sunlight, creating truly beautiful a sight.

Residents of Qualeia say they were very impressed and even somewhat frightened by this phenomenon. Local photographer managed to shoot airliner flying right in the background of pearly clouds that makes this fantastic picture prohibitively irrational …

Far from scientific explanations of pearly clouds

However, not everyone believes that the phenomenon has rational scientific explanation. Someone believes that everything is to blame tricks of the representatives of an alien civilization. Other suggest that over the Norwegian island opened a portal to another measurement. According to third, we are talking about a malfunction called the Matrix, in which we all live.

Supporters of the theory of reasonable clouds did not stand aside, who believe that clouds are far from steam, or rather, vapor and crystalline formations, also having consciousness, as and everything in this universe, and with much larger opportunities than we, although endowed with completely different aspirations and tasks. They most often give us various signs and arrange the heavenly signs that people in most cases just can neither understand nor explain.

One way or another, a rare stratospheric phenomenon forced the townsfolk think well about the countless miracles hiding from the world around us.

The islands

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