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Electronic money counters are used today. everywhere, including in China, however many local banking workers still practice manual banknote counting and some of such specialists boast truly phenomenal abilities and skills.

Video recordings of this process are becoming more and more popular on the World Wide Web, invariably surprising Web users. Few people know that Chinese cashiers use many different methods for counting banknotes. In addition, in China there are several television shows where bank employees showcase their unusual abilities and compete with each other.

In the viral video below, you can watch a woman which uses all the fingers of one hand, turning over at a time five banknotes and coping with a thick wad of money in just a few seconds.

And last month on the local program “Impossible Challenge” the best cashiers from the four largest Chinese banks gathered networks in order to try to break the record of counting maximum the number of bills in half a minute. Each participant put on a bandage on eyes and handed a large bundle of money.

Two “people-calculating machines”, alas, were mistaken for one or two banknotes, while the rest counted the money correctly and broke the previous record of 178 bills for this period time. So, Li Li from the Bank of China managed to count 191 banknote, and Zhuo Mingyin, who works in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, set a new world record – through his hands everything in 30 seconds, 202 banknotes passed. After that, Li and Minyyin were entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Interestingly, all four contestants used different techniques for counting bills. In addition, the Chinese enjoyed only by touch and hearing, not seeing the money in their hands. Simple a person, of course, needs to do such a job coordination between hands and eyes.

If you consider such a bill with blindfold impressive, then Wong Dongyun’s skills will surely seem to you at all fantastic. This experienced cashier can count money not only not looking at them, but not touching them! A striking video below shows how a woman by ear determines how many notes at the same time, two people are sorted at different speeds on the sides of her.

As mentioned above, Chinese banking workers use several methods of counting money. Someone leafing through banknotes with the tip of your index finger, someone uses it to iterate over a few fingers. There’s also an unusual “fan” way, demonstrated on the final video. Chinese woman skillfully lays out bills with a fan and counts several dozens of pieces of paper.

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