Amazing “portal” opened in the sky above Arab emirates

AmazingA photo from open sources

The video below was received on March 17 this year. years in the city of Al Ain in the east of the United Arab Emirates. Local resident Ibrahim al-Jarvan was driving when unexpectedly noticed a huge round object in the sky that looked like a portal or “flying saucer”. A surprised eyewitness hastened to get a smartphone and capture the anomaly on the gadget’s camera. According to the man, he had never seen anything like it before.

When an Arab uploaded the video to the Twitter social network, mysterious frames quickly became viral, scattering across many resources World Wide Web. Some users believe that in the sky above Al Ain actually opened a portal to another dimension. According to others, it was still an aircraft of extraterrestrial representatives civilization hovering over the UAE. According to ufologists, UFO tried use camouflage however camouflaging a ship by unknown the reason seems to have failed.

Skeptics, among whom were professional meteorologists believe it’s just a hole in the clouds, formed by an ordinary airplane. Say, water temperature the condensate above was below zero, but the steam had not yet freeze, it was at that moment that an airplane flew through the clouds, leaving such an unusual and even hole in them. Besides, apparently, it was evening, and the rays of the setting sun created bizarre effect, reflected from the clouds.

That’s just Ibrahim al-Jarvan for some reason no plane noticed, and the strange “cloud formation” somehow behaved not at all, as meteorologists explain. However, see for yourself although the video (especially such a short), as professional the operators and perception of the event visually differ dramatically. AND this is especially true of such abnormal phenomena …

Portals Aircraft

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