Amazing radiance arose in the sky above Romania

Amazing radiance arose in the sky over RomaniaPhoto from open sources

Last Sunday, February 24th, over the Bucegi mountain range in Central Romania experienced a striking phenomenon. Southern The Carpathians are famous for their unusual atmospheric phenomena, however previously residents of nearby settlements, apparently, did not have seen nothing like it.

A photo from open sources

A bright glow appeared in the evening sky, shimmering by everyone rainbow colors. These pictures were taken by photographer. Razvan Nyagoye from the city of Azuga. According to the man, it was an incredible light show that lasted only about 20 minutes, however, it will be remembered by many for life.

A photo from open sources

Nyagoye believes that microscopic ice crystals in the air through which they were refracted at sunset Sun rays. However, many Internet users expectedly suggested that we are talking about tricks of aliens, religious miracle and the like anomalies. Great among the people is faith in wonders…

A photo from open sources

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