Amazing sounds were heard from the sky in Slovakia

Amazing sounds were heard from the sky in SlovakiaPhoto from open sources

Earlier this month, a resident of Slovakia Martin Mikuas posted a mysterious video on his YouTube channel. According to men, he witnessed a strange phenomenon: with clouds in the middle of the day, strange sounds were heard reminiscent of either someone’s mighty roar, or a booming mechanical rattle.

As all of us would probably do, a surprised eyewitness at once took out his cell phone and recorded an abnormal noise to Share your find with World Wide Web users. Mikuash cannot find a rational explanation for what happened, however, the Slovak notes that, as far as he knows, similar sounds quite often heard from the sky in many parts of the world.

And this is true: in recent times, such a strange a phenomenon that scientists cannot explain, scares people in one, then in another country. And such news becomes on the web. Internet is no longer uncommon.

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that everything the fault of aliens. According to others, this is a phenomenon mystical or religious nature. Orthodox scholars too make their assumptions, arguing, for example, that such noise, hum and rattle from the sky is caused by the movement of lithospheric plates or deformation of metal structures in the cold. Alas say with the accuracy that this is in reality, so far no one can, alone guesses …

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