Amazing tree exuding metal

Amazing tree exuding metalPhotos from open sources of

Pycnandra acuminata is the rarest tree of Sapotidae family, growing in rapidly disappearing rain forests of New Caledonia – overseas territory of France, located on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Outside of these islands unusual tree is even less common. Pycnandra acuminata has the unique ability to “pull” nickel from the earth and accumulate him in himself. Bright bluish-green juice Pycnandra acuminata contains about 25 percent of this valuable for modern metal industry!

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For ordinary trees, and indeed plants in general, heavy metals dangerous however pycnandra acuminata evolved growing on soil with a toxic high nickel content, adapting not only survive, but even “eat” nickel. Amazing tree literally sucks this substance from the earth, collecting it in its trunk, branches, leaves and seeds. Unfortunately, intense cutting down forest in New Caledonia has endangered Pycnandra acuminata extinctions before scientists discovered the amazing properties of this unique plants.

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Since the 1970s, scientists have discovered only about 65 such trees. However, experts say that they can grow much more in New Caledonia. Study Miracle trees were experts in the field of molecular biology, physiology, biochemistry and many other sciences, but so far no one has failed to uncover the mechanism by which Pycnandra acuminata relieves the earth beneath itself and around itself of excess nickel. And while it’s not even clear – for what? ..

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The plant is believed to have evolved over many years. million years. Why did this happen, people of science also cannot to explain. The hypothesis is that the tree has acquired immunity to nickel and began to accumulate it in itself to defend itself in such from insects, pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Other a curious theory is that pycnandra acuminata is a true altruist who cleans the soil in the forest for others plants – science fiction, and more!

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According to researchers, such a tree can be found practical use. For example, Pycnandra acuminata can grow in places where the soil is rich in nickel. Also not worth it forget that nickel is far from the cheapest metal, but juice tree contains it without any other metal impurities. It’s a pity, that the French government does not intend to stop cutting down here forests, and pycnandra acuminata can be completely destroyed lumberjacks in the coming years …


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