Amazing underwater river in mexican the bay

An amazing underwater river in the Gulf of MexicoPhoto from open sources

Two tens of kilometers from the Mexican city of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula you can find a unique place that is cult for seasoned divers. You might think that here the underwater landscape surrounded by a halo of mysticism was taken from someone’s astounding dream, or even from another planet. On the a depth of several meters there flows a bright river, on the sides of which as if real trees are growing.

Angelita is the only underwater river on Earth. By at least similar miracles on our blue ball so far were not found. This is probably the most amazing place in everything. Gulf of Mexico. Water has a special composition here: salty and fresh currents are connected, but not mixed. Dense salty water drops down and occupies a large crevice at the bottom, and more light fresh – drifts in the upper layers. Thus bottom a salty river remotely resembles a clot of white fog.

A photo from open sources

Underwater river as a portal to a parallel world

Perhaps Angelite was known to representatives Mayan civilization. The Indians who inhabited the Yucatan were legendary about mystical underwater place that served as a door from the living world to the world the dead. It is possible that the ancient Mesoamericans discovered crevice with salt water while diving and experienced at sight “misty river” unthinkable religious awe. After that, Maya and the myth of a local portal into uncharted reality could have arisen. However, who knows what the ancient Indian tribes knew about this the world, perhaps much more than we …

It is also interesting that during World War II, Angelita attracted the attention of a secret German organization that rummaged the Earth in search of magical artifacts. Specialists The Third Reich visited the most remote and unexplored corners planets in order to discover objects possessing supernatural properties. It was believed that such powerful artifacts will become Hitler’s trump cards in conquering the world.

A photo from open sources

According to alternative historians, German divers then plunged into the underwater river, but after a while were forced to urgently emerge and stop all sorts of research. Divers were incredibly scared and did not talk about what happened to anyone but his immediate superiors. At this Fuhrer was informed that Angelita is unremarkable place, and there are no artifacts under water.

What really happened during this dive, we you are unlikely to know. Maybe the Nazis really looked into parallel world? Then it turns out that this could very well happen with any driver these days. Or, after all, the portal doesn’t scare those who is not particularly interested in them? ..

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