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Hell Storm in AmericaA photo from open sources

In the summer of 1960, residents of a small town in East Texas had the misfortune to face an incredible weather phenomenon. Speech goes about non-municipal territory called copperl in the valley Brazos River, where then no more than two hundred people lived. This meteorological anomaly still occupies the minds of many scientists planets, and eyewitnesses with a shudder recall an amazing night, when here, as it seemed, the gates to the very open hell.

This happened on the fifteenth of June, after midnight. Summer night was habitually warm, but not hot, and in the sky was not observed one cloud. Only on the horizon lightning flashed periodically, what is commonplace for Texas. Thermometer Column showed twenty one degrees Celsius. Tired for the day Americans have long slept in their soft beds. In a word, nothing did not portend trouble. And then everything changed overnight.

Horrific storm

A terrible wind suddenly flew over Copperl, as if it had taken from nowhere. Its speed was more than thirty-three meters in give me a sec. A hurricane tore down the roofs of houses, uprooted trees and raised livestock, including cows and horses. Fast however moving airflows were not the only problem the townspeople. The air temperature began to rise rapidly, and very it soon became hot here, as in hell.

A photo from open sources

At first the temperature jumped to thirty-eight degrees in Celsius. However, this was far from the limit. Not even half an hour, as the temperature rose to fifty-five. In the town all transformers were overheated and out of order. When there was no electricity, the air conditioners stopped working in the houses. It was impossible to breathe unbearably hot air, it literally burned the airways. People who have not woken up before a hurricane, woke up and, finding themselves in such hell, thought that their a house was struck by a fire or a bomb exploded nearby. To death frightened adults dipped sheets in water and wrapped them in their children in order to somehow alleviate the suffering of the offspring.

Air temperature continued to rise and at some point reached a mark of sixty degrees Celsius! If before the inhabitants of Copperl were in a state of enormous panic, now in the city began a real insanity. People choking ran out of their homes, rushed to the ground and with terrible screams rode along it, begging higher powers to stop this torment. One an elderly couple even chose to shoot themselves so as not to endure it bullying by nature. Many simply prayed, believing that the end of the world has come …

A photo from open sources

Then the temperature finally began to fall and closer to the morning returned to normal. Americans came to their senses and began to assess the weather damage. Looking at my fields farmers clutching hearts: all agricultural plants were scorched. Just yesterday, green corn everywhere turned into Straw drooping to the ground with black heads of cabbage inside. Fruit the charred cotton, as if someone had walked through the cotton fields with flamethrower. Both in the city and in its environs all the leaves on shrubs and trees turned into ashes scattering at the slightest breath of wind.

In the history of the United States, this incident went down as Hell. storm or Storm of Satan. In Copperl’s folklore, many legends of fantastic weather. Accused of distress demons, genies, angry Native American deities and others supernatural characters.

Possible Causes of Hellstorm

Some religious people, having learned about this weather phenomenon, began to draw parallels with Sodom and Gomorrah – ancient cities, which, according to the Bible, God destroyed for the sins of their inhabitants. However, such pious people could not explain than the Creator angry little farm town no different from Thousands of other American cities. If you punish for sins, then the whole country, not a tiny point on its map.

And then no one died here except for those who shot themselves seniors. If unhappy old people knew that the heat was abnormal soon subsides, then they would hardly begin to impose on themselves hands.

Clear business, not without conversations about aliens. Many Americans were convinced that everything was to blame. representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, whose flying saucer allegedly then hovered over Copperl.

A photo from open sources

They also talked about the climate weapons of the Soviet Union. Of course in the midst of the cold war, the Americans could not but blame their troubles “red aggressor.” Now the States themselves are planning to create such a weapons of mass destruction, but so far unsuccessfully.

As for the scientists, then they could not find what happened rational explanation. Only recently has science voiced a possible the cause of the Storm of Satan. According to experts, the events of that terrible nights can be explained by a phenomenon such as thermal explosion. This The term appeared in scientific circles relatively recently. Phenomenon so far insufficiently studied, however, his researchers have reason to believe that fifty-six years ago in Copperle was observed just such a cataclysm.

A photo from open sources

Thermal explosion refers to sudden bursts temperatures that usually happen in the dark and often accompanied by a thunderstorm. This probably happens then when streams of air rise from the ground and come in contact with a thunderstorm the atmosphere. The latter drops this dense air column down whereby compressed air heats up instantly and tries again go upstairs to be time after time again dropped down. This causes a strong gale, and the air reaches record high temperatures.

In the last century, there have been several similar cases. For instance, in June 1909 a similar thing happened in the US state of Oklahoma thermal explosion, as a result of which the air temperature rose to fifty eight degrees. And in July 1967 in the city of Abadan in southwest Iran, the temperature jumped to one night impossible, at first glance, eighty-eight degrees in Celsius! The disaster did not last long and, fortunately, did not cause harm anyone’s health.


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