American biohacker intends to live to 180 years

American biohacker intends to live to 180 yearsPhoto from open sources

45-year-old American Dave Asprey is one of the most ambitious biohackers – people who, using advanced technology, trying to fool nature: rid itself of disease and push back old age as much as possible. To achieve the perfect health, a man is not only constantly dieting and engaged special exercises, but also resorts to risky and poorly tested methods.

Dave seriously intends to live to be a 180-year-old (at least) age. The man got the idea to become the longest-living man of the planet back in the 1990s, when he worked as a technical Specialist in Silicon Valley. Aspri suffered from excess weight and could not lose weight, despite the active physical classes. Then he decided to pay attention to less traditional ways to become slimmer and healthier.

For starters, the American switched to a low-carb diet, which allowed him to lose 23 kilograms. Then ordered from Europe expensive “smart” weight loss medications that turn out to be very effective. Now Dave devoted all his free time to studying the impact on the body of all kinds of exercises, diets, drugs and devices. He was engaged in winter swimming, in Tibet he learned to meditate, but all this man was not enough.

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Soon Asprey began to use a special machine for electrical stimulation of the brain, supposedly allowing to increase mental activity. Then he found a surgeon who agreed to extract from Dave’s bone marrow stem cells and put them in other parts body, including face. Asprey is convinced that human the body has all the means to maintain youth – you only need understand how to use them.

To live to at least 2154, an American uses, among other things, hyperbaric oxygenation (being in a pressure chamber), sleeps under infrared radiation and even exposes itself to radiation. For this Dave, along with other similar enthusiasts, visits the abandoned uranium mines, where the air is saturated with radon, assuming that in small doses it is useful.

A photo from open sources

In his homeland, Aspri is considered the real guru of biohacking and healthy lifestyle. However, there are critics accusing the man is that he sells his books, drugs to followers and gadgets. Dave really owns several firms that produce the goods they promote, including “safe coffee,” supposedly rid of all harmful substances. Well at least Asprey and he lives by the principles that he preaches (see video; who does not know English, can include subtitles in Russian language).

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