American captured on vacation amazing mirage pyramids

The American captured on vacation amazing mirage pyramidsA photo from open sources

American Josh Prose from Washington shared with users World Wide Web amazing story and photograph, supposedly confirming it. According to the man, he recently visited in Egyptian vacation time Alexandria, where he witnessed unexplained phenomenon.

A small dust storm passed in the city, and our hero waited for it In a hotel. Coming out after that to the balcony, he suddenly saw on the horizon is something amazing. There were distinct outlines three tall buildings suspiciously similar to the famous pyramids Giza in a suburb of Cairo.

A photo from open sources

But how is this possible? The direct distance between Alexandria, where Proose was, and the Egyptian capital is 178 kilometers! Washington is unlikely to have such a fantastic vision, to see at a similar distance, as, however, and his video camera. The point is, as scientific theory says, because of the curvature of the globe, even with perfect visibility one hundred to one hundred (there is such concept), 70 kilometers – maximum, everything else except high mountains, this is already fantastic. Or an abnormal phenomenon …

Josh thinks it’s about some incredible an optical phenomenon incomprehensible to modern science. Suppose the smallest particles of sand created in the air a kind of giant prism that carried images almost two hundred legendary pyramids in Giza kilometers.

Other regulars on the Web say that we can talk about chronomrage, gap in space or plain optical illusions like veil morgana. Anyway, the story and American’s mysterious frame quickly became viral and flew around many sites dedicated to supernatural phenomena.

Which is characteristic when the wind died down and the dust fell to the ground, ephemeral pyramidal structures disappeared from the horizon of Alexandria. So the traveler’s sand hypothesis looks plausible enough, except that before here no one has ever encountered a similar phenomenon.


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