American firefighter captures “angelic entity “

American Fireman CapturedPhotos from open sources of

54-year-old firefighter Glen Torman from an American city East Jordan (MI) claims to have a surveillance camera something mysterious the other day was captured outside his house.

The device equipped with motion sensors photographed a strange anomaly hovering at night over the machine of the wife of our hero. Glenn is convinced that this is an angelic being, by chance or there is no one caught in the lens. Torman told reporters:

I have a security camera with sensors on my window, responsive to even the slightest movement. That night I was in the service and I didn’t check the notes, doing it only the next day. Usually on photos include insects, birds, leaves dispersed by the wind and others objects that electronics mistook for intruders (important objects). However, there was something completely different here. Looking at this photo, I immediately saw the figure of an angel. I even have tears flowed from his eyes with tenderness. I showed this incredible shot wife, then sent it to our pastor. He also concluded that this angelic image. I never thought I’d be a witness something like that.

A photo from open sources

Alas, some users of the World Wide Web considered that this there was a butterfly, a bunch of fog or a reflection of light in the lens cameras. In short, a bizarre para-idol illusion. And this it is possible, though, it is clear that each of us believes in wonders…

Glen Torman strongly disagrees with the skeptics. According to firefighter, in a mysterious image the head and body are clearly visible and angel wings, as well as something like a sword in this left hand amazing essence.

By the way, spiritual people are convinced (it was not by chance that he joined them and the pastor to whom the American showed a mysterious photograph) that the main thing in this life is faith – according to it everything is given to us. And therefore, if firefighter is one hundred percent convinced that his DVR captured guardian angel, it means the way it is. At least for the man himself. And this angel will certainly protect him now even stronger …


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