American football player does not obey the laws gravity

American football player does not obey the laws of gravityA photo from open sources

22-year-old American football player Zey Jones playing for The Buffalo Bills team, sometimes not obeying the laws of gravity. This conclusion was made by the popular British ufologist Tyler Glockner, best known on the Internet under the pseudonym Secureteam10. Supervisor Reviewed Recently Kansas Match City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, held on November 26 this year, and noticed one extremely mysterious detail regarding Zey Jones.

At some point, the black player at number 11 falls on field, and then very strangely gets up, only slightly pushing away from land by hand. By including the video provided by Glockner below, you can see it with your own eyes. Tyler is convinced that not one a person, even the most powerful and clever athlete, doesn’t capable of. That is why the ufologist suggests that this is a failure in the work of the so-called “Matrix”, replacing all of us with reality. Recall that according to this conspiracy theological concept, humanity lives in an illusion created by aliens, the highest intelligence, artificial intelligence, or someone else. And sometimes in the work of this complex program there are errors that we mistaken for miracles, hallucinations or anomalies.

The laws of gravity are violated: matrix or levitation?

For example, getting to work in the morning, you can several times Meet the same person walking towards you. Or a century-old tree, growing near your home, suddenly without a trace will disappear in one night, while on its former existence will only you remember. Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that precisely this is how minor malfunctions appear in the work of the Matrix. According to such logic, American footballer Zey Jones stops for a second obey the known laws of gravity.

However, this is only a suggestion of Tyler Glockner. And although his shared by many other paranormal researchers, some Internet users, watching this video, express their opinions on this matter. For example, Zey Jones may just possess the innate ability to levitate which he intuitively uses in this way, perhaps even he’s not Suspecting such supernatural talent. In any case, it is interesting and therefore even surprising that no one before did not notice something unusual in this footballer. Oh yes tyler Glockner!

Gravity Levitation

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