American forgot how to speak English

A photo from open sources

American, after losing memory, began to speak another language. The authorities of the US state of California are trying to figure out situation around 61-year-old Florida resident Michael Bothvrayt who in February, after losing his memory, he began to call himself Johan Ek and forgot how to speak English. Michael Botwright was in winter found unconscious in Palm Springs State Motel Room California. The man was taken to the local medical center, where he came to himself. However, at the same moment it turned out that he was not remembers nothing of his life, calls himself by the name of Johan Ek and can only speak Swedish. Doctors diagnosed a man amnesia caused by physical or emotional trauma that can last for several months, writes Telegraph. Police found a passport with a man veteran and social security card. From those found by the document it followed that the man’s name was Michael Thomas Bothwright and he lives in state of florida. However, law enforcement officers doubted this after how they did not find Botwright’s relatives in Florida. Also on photo of the man was captured at a young age and in Sweden. The authorities suggested that Botwright arrived in the city on a local tennis tournament. Together with him, a backpack with sports uniforms and tennis rackets. However, Botwright himself is not can remember how he used public transport or rented a motel room. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Botwright has no insurance and funds to pay for treatment, which means soon he will have to leave the medical center. Now California authorities are trying to find a place to live in Botswright, so that he does not appear on the street.

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