American photographed an unusual illusion or even something more

The American photographed an unusual illusion or even something moreA photo from open sources

The photograph presented was taken by an Oklahoma resident. last summer, however, he only now discovered something on it strange and therefore decided to publish it on the Internet. Young a man says that he accidentally captured in a picture one very mysterious detail that haunts him.

According to the American, he then returned home and noticed his father sleeping on the couch. The parent of our hero constantly praises because he gets up with roosters, so the young man decided to take a picture father in order to obtain evidence of the meaninglessness of so early awakening. Having received this shot, the young man forgot about him, I came across the photo again only a few months later.

Looking at the picture with a fresh look, the guy immediately noticed something unusual. On the wood-trimmed wall under the window, it was noticeable light and mysterious silhouette, suspiciously like a man’s the head. Confusing her with anything else is decidedly impossible: distinctly visible forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ajar mouth, chin, ear, neck and even glasses of an ephemeral person! By doing this discovery, the author of a mysterious frame was confused.

A photo from open sources

Of course, many netizens have said that speech it’s about a paraidolic illusion, and our brain simply accepts random wood pattern for something meaningful. But isn’t it too then a big coincidence in front of us? It’s not just abstract face with dotted eyes and squiggle-mouth, and quite clear voluminous head with the correct proportions, and even with glasses. Can, that is why some commentators have suggested that the photo a ghost or some mystical sign was captured.

The American, by the way, subsequently tried to find the alleged drawing on the wall, including from a similar angle, however to no avail. On wooden patterns there was nothing even close like that. Of course, he did not say anything to his father, but he himself still fights over this riddle …


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