American photographed ghost plane

An American photographed a ghost planePhoto from open sources

A resident of the United States claims that she succeeded take a picture of a ghostly plane. According to Karina Hack, she flew to Las Vegas (Nevada) and right before landing in “the world capital of gambling” photographed from the porthole the airliner is something amazing. In the opposite direction across the sky another airbus “consisting” exclusively of clouds “flew”!

In the image below, taken with an SLR camera “Nikon D40 Kit”, body, tail, wing, nose and even clearly visible cockpit of a cloudy aircraft. Many, of course, will say that this is a common optical illusion (the so-called pareidolia), however, such a coincidence is hard to believe. You might think that the large cloud has specially taken the form of a passenger plane, in order to demonstrate something to people. Some users The Internet even believes that this could be a warning about the upcoming plane crash over Las Vegas.

The author herself doesn’t particularly believe in paranormal phenomena, however, it does not deny the possibility of their existence. Karina Hack has been engaged in amateur photography for many years, and she never before it was not possible to get an image that could be interpret in a supernatural way. “Many people believe, that it is a sign from above, and I do not argue with them. I myself could not believe when I saw this cloud from the window, tells American, – but here’s a snapshot, and he confirms that I don’t have anything it seemed. ”

A photo from open sources

Note that sometimes a phantom plane can be observed while aboard a real airplane thanks to the amazing optical a phenomenon called the Broken Ghost. If the aircraft, in which you fly, is between the clouds and the sun, then the shadow your airliner framed by a rainbow halo may be fine visible on the surface of the clouds. Thanks to the movement of cloud layers and fluctuations in the density of water in them sometimes even give the impression that a double aircraft spontaneously performs some maneuvers, then have flies.

However, heavenly visions of various forms, and therefore some secret revelations, do not discount, they say researchers paranormal phenomena. The fact is that in the universe no, and there can be nothing accidental. Chance – “witty” fiction of our materialistic mind, ready under whatever, bring the logical base of Thomas the unbeliever. Therefore, the version that the cloud-plane, which was shot by an American, may well be familiar from above, has every right to Existence…


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