American planes follow obscure routes

American planes follow obscure routesA photo from open sources

US reconnaissance aircraft in Nevada and Utah chained a few days ago the attention of world conspiracy theorists after the latter unexpectedly discovered the strange routes that follow given aircraft.

Surprisingly, the military does not hide from the public information about many of their flights, so everyone can see thanks to the global positioning system which ways use one or another aircraft.

A photo from open sources

In the collage above, the routes marked in red and blue US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft. Red lines indicate that several of them had to follow clearly along the oval trajectories, however for some reason described small circles. As for the blue line, it shows how the aircraft zigzagged. Obviously it’s completely illogical if this plane needed only to get from point A to point B.

Of course, the conspiracy theorists immediately suspected that something was wrong. Similar flight profiles seem very unusual and just ridiculous. Alternative specialists are at a loss about what they want to achieve. those who give pilots orders to follow such courses as pursue goals.

Someone thinks that Americans have reopened UFO hunting and haunted by alien starships. In southern Nevada just the legendary “Zone 51” is located, where the military, if you believe Ufologists conduct experiments on shot down “flying saucers” and aliens inside them. However, this is just a version, and the most commonplace. Unfortunately, there are no other guesses; contact military for clarification – an empty matter. We are waiting for the appearance insiders …


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