American rivers spawn amphibian mutants

Chemical pollution and ecosystem degradation have already begun bear fruit. To prove this, a biologist from the USA clearly decided dedicated ten years to the study of mutant amphibians.

American biologist and artist Brandon Ballenge used deformities found in wild amphibians to highlight damage, which humanity is causing the planet. In his new work, he hoped to show how chemical wastes harm wildlife.

American rivers give rise to amphibian mutantsA photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Ballenge conducted a study in which he studied amphibians with increased and decreased number of limbs. Mutations in amphibians, according to the biologist, were caused by emissions of chemical waste that damages their complex ecosystems. How to set scientist chemicals make frogs more susceptible to the influence of parasites.

To create a curious project, Ballenge combined scientific study with artistic talent.

“These abnormalities are most likely caused by injury or parasitic infection from which the frogs suffered while they were still tadpoles, – said the author of the work Metro. – Predators and parasites are natural enemies but environmental degradation the environment seems to exacerbate this phenomenon. ”

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Samples for his project, Ballenge collected over 10 years. To find deformed amphibians, he visited many wetlands and wetlands around the world including the UK and the USA. Each centimeter of the frog he found was chemically cleaned and painted in a different color to create a work of art. This coloring also helped to understand the nature of deformations.

In the course of his research, the biologist found that the culprit some of the strains were parasites called nymphs dragonflies. These parasites feed on young tadpoles and affect the growth of their limbs.

A photo from open sources

However, the biologist is convinced that the chemical pollution was one of the main causes of excessive deformation of amphibians. By his Pollution increased infections and disrupted the immune system, which made frogs more susceptible to exposure to parasites.

With his work, Ballange hopes to open his eyes to the world environmental issues affecting all of humanity.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources


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