American saw the “flying saucer” of the earth origin

American sawA photo from open sources

Although the acronym UFO stands for “unidentified flying object” in the minds of the average man for some reason rooted in that it’s certainly alien devices origin.

And when on such a “flying saucer” a resident of an American city Moonpark (California) saw a clear sign in white over black (or rather, silver) “USAF 003”, then, of course, was surprised to depths of the soul, and so much that I even forgot to take out the mobile and at least take a picture of a strange object that he said was:

Spherical, it constantly revolved around its axis and in it could easily fit two people. The device was completely noiseless, moreover, some kind of radiation emanated from him, why my eyes hurt right away, as if someone was trying to pierce me eyeball with something sharp. And another thing: this strange “flying plate “could create the effect of illusion, it was as if bifurcated and again going to one object. Finally, she just disappeared into in the air. And if it weren’t for an earthly inscription, there would be no doubt it wasn’t that it was an alien ship. I can swear by anything that I saw it all with my own eyes (later I tried to sketch on paper what I saw), and I was even pleased that the earthlings, as it turned out, they already have such high technology.

A photo from open sources

But do earthlings actually possess such technologies, here in what is the question? For example, if we search the Internet, we can find this information:

What is presented to the layman as a UFO is actually “flying saucers” of gray (secret) production. They are today at special services of many states. Conspirology two years ago gave such a figure – 17,135 plates around the world. For external coatings of such UFOs use stealth technology, and they fly on liquid hydrogen, however, the fuel is used in a completely different way than in internal combustion engines or rockets.

Information suggests: until then, simple will the average man be led by the nose? Interesting humanity ever toddlers when one child from another is no longer will hide toys, and in which case – will not be striking sand and then hit on the head with the same toy or than hitting? ..

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