American sewed a third breast

A photo from open sources

In such an unusual way, the girl decided to achieve fame as a TV presenter. You don’t have to think long about which movie heroine inspired American Jasmine Trideville for an additional plastic surgery bust. Of course, the character “Remember Everything.” Why hide it, most men in the world just this episode from the movie with iron Arnie and remember. This is what the young girl took into account, deciding on such an unusual operation. She asked the surgeon to add her a third chest. The logic here is linear. Like, they will say – I’ll become famous, and I’ll become famous, there will be a show on TV. And it should be noted, girl stubbornly goes to the goal. She actively publishes her own photos and videos. on social networks and talks about himself. Not forgetting the time from time to mention that she dreams of having her own gear on central channel. But while television itself comes to Jasmine home to interview her. In the film by Paul Verhoeven “Remember everything” woman was a mutant, but it didn’t worry anyone, because she has not two virtues, but three at once! Photo: frame from the movie. – To find a surgeon who would agree to an operation was heavy. I went to 50 or 60 doctors, but no one wanted to do this, believing that it is unethical, said Trideville in Interview with a local American radio station. For operation girl paid twenty thousand dollars, but believes that such investments in they will surely repulse themselves soon. She herself no awkwardness does not feel. The only time she experienced discomfort was during Tattooing time on the third nipple. But the girl’s parents reacted to the daughter’s operation more painfully. They stopped all communication with her. In such an unusual way, the girl decided to come to fame TV presenter.

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS One circumstance saddens fans the many-breasted star of the internet. Add another implant much easier than getting a brain. The latter for no money, alas! – not buy it!


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