American shot strange lights on camcorder the forest

The American filmed the strange lights in the forestPhoto from open sources

User of the famous YouTube video hosting under the pseudonym Dal V posted on the site a mysterious video, filmed by him at the end last month. A resident of the American city of North Kansas City (state Missouri) says that he left the house at night during a thunderstorm and noticed something strange in the dark.

The man explains that he lives near the forest, and that evening he I saw strange flashes among the trees. Despite the fact that in the sky lightnings sparkled, mysterious luminous lights between branches behaved completely different and did not look like tricks or reflection raging elements. The next morning, the American peered back the yard, however, did not see anything suspicious in the light of the day. Author The entry below writes:

There was a storm and I watched an ominous light that flickered somewhere at the junction of my yard and the forest. He looked like dripping molten plastic. The next day I didn’t find anything there, except the trees that I know well. During the incident, I wanted come closer, but when it rains the backyard of my house is very blurs, and I have no opportunity to go there. That was very strange phenomenon that I can not find rational explanations. Help me figure it out.

Some commentators on “YouTube” believe that it was “flying plate “aliens. According to others, we are talking about ball lightning. Still others are convinced that such an unusual effect was created by a branch tree hooked on a power line. Finally, if you believe fourth, it was a bizarre gleam of ordinary lightning (or maybe unusual?)

One way or another, published Dal V footage made many video hosting regulars seriously think about the unexplained the phenomena of our lives, of which everywhere and everywhere – more than enough. AND most importantly, scientists in many cases can’t help us, because the world is full of mysteries and secrets not yet subject to science. Maybe this is great? Otherwise, it would be too fresh and boring …


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