American showed the curvature of the globe by removing skyscraper from a distance of 45 kilometers

The American showed the curvature of the globe by removing a skyscraper from a distance of 45 kilometersA photo from open sources

Last fall, a resident of Louisiana visited Lake Ponchartrain, which is located in the southeast of the state, taking with it equipped The most powerful camcorder lens.

The man decided to test the device, capturing a far on the other side of the reservoir is the city of New Orleans. Shot by an American the video then gained tens of thousands of views from users “YouTube” as it was truly spectacular on demonstration capabilities of modern digital video technology. However a new round the popularity of the old material today suddenly received again, when he interested supporters and opponents of the acclaimed theory flat earth.

The published frames captured an impressive building – 51-story skyscraper “One Shell Square” New Orleans, whose height is 212 meters. The first floors of the skyscraper on the record is not visible, which should seemingly prove the curvature of our the planet. However, there were commentators who produced simple calculations and found that the distance from the operator to the skyscraper at that moment was about 45 kilometers, i.e. lowering of the soil, according to the accepted formula, should be equal approximately 150 meters.

Thus, a maximum of 15 upper floors of “One Shell Square”, but in reality they turned out to be 40! It turns out that the video below refutes the fact that our the planet is flat, but at the same time it does not confirm and its sphericity (or this ball, it turns out, much more, then eat with less curvature). Curious, isn’t it? Can, though the landowners are wrong, but not one hundred percent? What if the situation is much more interesting, for example, that we still live in a matrix in which, although the “curvature of the planet” is provided, but the creator of this program could not even imagine that there were supporters of a flat Earth, who will measure everything and everyone almost not up to a centimeter using the student ruler? ..

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