American student managed to collect a cube Rubik in less than six seconds

An American student managed to assemble a Rubik's Cube in less than six seconds.A photo from open sources

Young Citizen of the United States of America Colin Burns the other day collected a standard Rubik’s cube in record time, becoming the world the champion.

Twenty-year-old young man managed to solve the invented Hungarian sculptor puzzle in just 5.253 seconds. Former The record set two years ago was 5.559 seconds.

Student demonstrated his high savvy abilities and amazing mastery of hands on past staff Pennsylvania competitions organized by the International Rubik’s Cube Association. Organization Chairman Tim Reynolds reported that Colin Burns became the absolute champion of the planet in assembling a Rubik’s cube of a classic configuration, that is, three by three into three blocks. Now, most likely, the achievement of a young man will be included in the next edition of the famous Guinness Book of Records.

The American, however, failed to break the record, which installed the robot “CubeStormer 3” in March last year. British the brainchild, equipped with four mechanical arms, managed assemble a color puzzle in 3.252 seconds. But despite this, for man, Burns’ achievement is more than impressive. There is a record record!

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