American won the main prize of the lottery thanks to the numbers she saw in a dream

The American won the main prize of the lottery thanks to the numbers that she saw in a dreamA photo from open sources

That people sometimes see the numbers of their future lottery winnings, a reliable fact, and this happens, albeit not so often, but periodically. Another such “miracle” happened with American Rose Jeter – a resident of the city St. Petersburg, Virginia.

Rose saw the numbers 7-12-14-21-27 in a dream, filled them New Year’s ticket Cash 5 “Virginia Lotteries” and … won 100 thousand dollars. As the woman herself admitted, she had a prophetic dream for a relatively long time, but at first she did not believe in all this and even tried to forget the numbers. And for some reason they didn’t come from heads. And in the New Year’s days, she finally buys a ticket to machine, fills it with “obsessive” numbers and – relieved sighs.

It seemed to the woman that it was required of her only like this free yourself from that dream and safely forget it. Ah no soon she learns about a solid win. So don’t believe the prophetic dreams here …

Recall that in 2014, something similar happened with the waiter of one of the restaurants in the UK, which also saw a lucky number in a dream. He shared this strange “joke” subconscious minds “with the owner of the pub, and the men decided” on good luck “buy and fill in a one for two lottery ticket dreaming numbers. And these numbers also had a big win. TO Unfortunately, the restaurant owner appropriated free money to myself.

Last May, a little over 100 thousand dollars won a woman from the city of Baltimore Maryland, whom in a dream the lucky numbers were shown by a “strange man”, after which the American, using them, for over twenty years playing the lottery, but won nothing. And suddenly…

A photo from open sources

According to reporters often interviewing lottery lucky people often see a winning combination in a dream digits. But some consider it stupid and immediately forget, others, on the contrary, by all means they want to touch the secret of the prophetic dream and sometimes they reach it (that is, they specifically look for the right numbers in a dream, in this case, there are even special techniques), but … in reality they do not succeed. As we see, persistent an American from Baltimore still achieves his goal, but Today, our heroine, someone from above not only gave happy figures in a dream, but also did not allow for a long time to forget them …

How to explain all this? The work of the subconscious, psychologists say. But then, it turns out that our subconscious mind can penetrate into the future, and every person is clairvoyant. This is, firstly, and secondly, it turns out that the future already exists somewhere, and into it You can take a look. Hence, the claims of scientists that foresight is everything is empty, not quite true. Or completely wrong. What do you think, where is the truth? ..

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