Americans disappear without a trace in their national parks

Americans disappear without a trace in their national parksA photo from open sources

The other day, American conspiracy theorist David Polydes published the results of his new study. According to a specialist, over the past quarter century, the number of his compatriots, disappearing without a trace, increased six times. So in 1980 without every trace disappeared one hundred and fifty thousand Americans, which is a very impressive number. In the same year, nine hundred thousand disappeared, that is, approximately 0.27 percent of the total population of the country!

People seem to just evaporate in the air, no one finds even their remains. At the same time, Polydes reports a striking fact. So many of these citizens disappear in local national parks – territories where, in order to protect nature, it is limited human activities. According to David, he was just shocked such a discovery. The conspirator immediately turned to several parks with aim to comment on the situation but did not get any intelligible answers.

Some environmental managers only stated that they were not responsible for their visitors. AND this turned out to be true. In the United States there is not one national park, where you would be given a guarantee of security. Polydes asked park owners to share information about the missing people, but he was refused almost everywhere. Only one official agreed to do so, but demanded in return a million four hundred thousand dollars, and officially, without any envelopes and secret meetings. Of course, the researcher did not have such an impressive amount.

David reports that two thousand three hundred Americans disappear daily, with more than a thousand disappearances occurring in national parks. Polydes is not yet able to explain the reasons this, however, puts forward two plausible theories. According to one of these, the United States government abducts its own citizens in order to conduct experiments on them. Another theory a specialist implies, as you might have guessed, the abduction humans aliens.

A photo from open sources

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