Amulet in the car for the driver: types, methods of making it yourself, activation rules

After buying a new or used car, it is advisable to put a charm in it. Such things are often purchased in stores; many people think that this is much more convenient. However, you can make a protective talisman yourself. Thanks to this amulet, your trips will be successful and, most importantly, safe. amulet in the car The amulet will not allow a tragic coincidence of circumstances on the road and will help prevent troubles

Why do you need amulets in the car?

The need for a talisman for a personal vehicle is obvious: it will not allow a tragic coincidence of circumstances on the road and will help prevent troubles. And in order for a thing to have magical properties, it must be properly charged and believe in its power.

Skeptics will say that the main thing for a motorist is driving experience, knowledge of traffic rules, attentiveness and responsibility. However, problems sometimes arise not only due to the lack of the above skills and qualities. Accidents, traffic jams, various obstacles – all these unforeseen circumstances can happen from the evil eye and damage caused by ill-wishers.

Such situations are able to prevent and prevent amulets. A small cute little thing does not take up much space, and at the same time the driver will feel confident in action.

amulet in the car Amulets can look different: these are Orthodox icons and crosses, Muslim amulets, products made of stones, minerals and metal, etc.

Varieties of amulets

There are a huge number of magical amulets: some provide protection from thieves, others are created for a long journey, others are able to make the path easy, the fourth will prevent an accident, etc.

Amulets can look different: these are Orthodox icons and crosses, Muslim amulets, products made of stones, minerals and metal, bags and pads with natural filling, figurines and figurines in the form of animals.

However, it is not enough to make and put the amulet in the car. He will protect the owner only if he performs a certain rite and speaks the subject with a prayer.

Muslim amulets

For a Muslim, a car amulet is not just a little thing that brings good luck; a talisman for a resident of the East is a serious religious object endowed with special properties.

Among Islamic amulets are known:

  • a crescent moon with a star – from curse, damage and evil eye;
  • the hand of Fatima – from the evil eye, accident, tragic coincidence of circumstances;
  • the eye of Fatima – averts envious glances;
  • Zulfiqar – two crossed swords will prevent theft.

Gypsy amulets

Gypsy magic may seem too complicated, as it has its roots in the distant past. However, it is actually not difficult to use. First, you should choose a charm.

  1. A pebble with a through hole found on the shore of the reservoir will become an excellent talisman from theft or accident, and will protect the vehicle owner from damage and the evil eye.
  2. Thin tree branches tied with a red thread also become a protective talisman. Here, young oak, cedar shoots or ash wood are used. At the same time, the selected material should be free of dirt, traces of paint or glue.
  3. The Queen of Hearts card has powerful defensive properties. It is very easy to hide such a charm in the car. Before hiding the talisman, according to the gypsy custom, it must be kissed. In this case, the defender depicted on the card will know who the master is.
  4. A copper coin, picked up on the road, is considered one of the most powerful amulets among gypsies. In order for it to acquire protective properties, a sign in the form of the letter 'A' must be scratched or etched on its surface. This mascot will hide the car from car thieves and individuals with an evil eye.


The faces of saints can often be seen on the dashboard. However, not everyone knows which icons should be placed in the car.

  1. Jesus Christ. An important condition is that you should like the amulet, and therefore, what material it is made of (wood, metal, etc.) and exactly how it will look (an icon with a face or a crucifix) is up to you.
  2. The Virgin Mary. The image of the Mother of God has powerful protective properties and prevents any damage, both minor and serious.
  3. Great Martyr Catherine. It removes damage and the evil eye, prevents tragedies and provides protection from the intrigues of ill-wishers.
  4. Saint Nicholas the Savior. The icon will make any trip successful, protect against disaster, remove obstacles and prevent tragedy on the road.
  5. Three-handed. It must be kept in his car by someone who, due to his work, spends a lot of time behind the wheel. The face of the Mother of God with three hands will relieve fatigue and prevent the driver from falling asleep while driving.
  6. Face of the Guardian Angel. In this case, you need to purchase an icon with the image of your Guardian Angel. Just remember that if you put such a charm in the car, then it will only protect you, it will not be able to shelter other passengers from trouble.

Expert Opinion Yuna Khatun A divine fortune teller The best amulet for any driver is a triptych – this is an icon depicting the Virgin, Jesus Christ and St. Nicholas.


Like the icon, the cross should be in a conspicuous place: this way it will be periodically nourished by your energy, while maintaining its protective properties. It is best to hang the cross on the rearview mirror. The talisman will save you and your passengers from various troubles during the trip.

Quartz in the form of a crystal

Quartz crystals have the ability to absorb energy and then give it to the car owner. And the cleaner you find the stone, the more powerful properties it will have. It's good if you come across absolutely transparent quartz without inclusions, scratches and other defects.

Quartz conspiracy Quartz conspiracy

These words should be repeated three times daily for seven days. Then the quartz is hidden in the car so that outsiders cannot see it.

Fengshui figurines

According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, the following amulets can help on the road:

  • Fu is a figurine of a dog with a formidable look and the appearance of a dragon. She will make the trip as safe as possible.
  • The pyramid is a symbol of good luck.
  • Deer is the personification of endurance, speed.
  • Turtle – a jade figurine will make all your endeavors crowned with success, and the meeting with the traffic police officers did not entail serious troubles. It is better not to put it in plain sight; put the figurine in the glove compartment or other secluded place.
  • Peacock feather is a reliable amulet against accidents and sudden breakdowns.
  • God Ganesha – such a figure should be placed on the right hand of the driver.
  • God Dzyurodzin – usually such a figurine is made in the image of an old man, often together with a turtle, a crane and a deer, which enhance the effect of the amulet. The amulet serves as protection against accidents.
  • Commander Kuan-di – with his support, the driver will always be focused and very attentive on the road, never start the journey, being intoxicated, and in a difficult situation will be able to quickly make the right decision.
  • Dragon or dinosaur – a talisman against thieves, protects against theft. It must be in a conspicuous place, such as on a panel.
  • Horse or cat – it is recommended to place the figure behind the back of the person who is driving the car, and then it will provide protection from accidents

Some motorists prefer to hang jingling objects in the cabin. Feng Shui experts say that such amulets are able to ward off evil spirits, but at the same time they also distract the driver's attention. Therefore, it is better not to keep them in the car.

In order for each trip to be successful, you need to choose the right talisman. But which amulet for the car would be most suitable? It all depends on the direction in which your movement is planned:

  • southeast and east direction – amulets made of wood and painted green will be suitable;
  • south direction – elongated red amulets will bring good luck;
  • northern direction – choose talismans associated with the water element or painted blue;
  • western direction – statuettes and metal pendants will be suitable;
  • south-west or north-east direction – preference should be given to amulets associated with the element of the earth, for example, crystals, crafts made of clay or ceramics.


Katunchik is a talisman that came from Altai. It is a figurine in the form of a woman and a man, which are enclosed in wooden circles. It is customary to hang it on the rear-view mirror.

As a rule, a katunchik is made from valuable tree species and, at the same time, is relatively small in size. It does not take up much space, and therefore performs the function of not only a talisman, but also a pretty decorative thing.

How to make a charm with your own hands?

In souvenir kiosks and other shops you can find many different talismans. But sometimes such a wide assortment makes the choice very difficult. Couldn't pick up the amulet in the car – do it yourself.

Mandala in a car


Prepare green linen and dried herbs: mint leaves, lavender, and yarrow. The filler can be prepared independently or purchased at the pharmacy; in total, you need about 30 g – a tablespoon of each herb.

Pour dry ingredients into a container and mix in a clockwise direction with the words. 'I will mix herbs, from dashing, bad weather and troubles, and I protect myself and the car!' A bag should be sewn from the canvas, pour the enchanted fill into it, tie and hang the finished amulet in the car interior.

There is a similar talisman, but only with acorns. They are put in a canvas bag and at the same time they say: 'One acorn is safety, the second is health, the third is peace. I put them all in a bag, I save for myself. ' Further, tying the amulet with a red thread, they say: 'I am not tying a bag, but I keep good luck and luck for myself.' The finished amulet is hidden in the car.

Amulet pillow The pillow filled with natural ingredients can become an alternative to the bag


The pillow filled with natural ingredients can become an alternative to the bag. You can fill it with the mixture of herbs described above, or choose only one of them.

When making this amulet, they say the following words: 'Let the power of dried herbs go into a talisman, protect the car both day and night, and in the sun and snow.'

Symbols of the Slavs

It is customary to do embroidery on a pillow or bag; often they use special Slavic symbols for this, such as 'Kolovrat' and 'Putnik'.

Another powerful amulet that will protect against emergencies and the evil eye is a cube. A separate pattern is embroidered on each side of it. In total, we get six Slavic symbols, each of which will complement and increase the strength of the others.

Kolovrat Kolovrat protects the vehicle from theft, unforeseen breakdowns, emergency situations and helps to avoid traffic jams


This sign represents the Sun. Such a pagan symbol can not only be embroidered on fabric, but also burned on wood. The resulting talisman is placed in a conspicuous place in the car.

“Kolovrat” protects the vehicle from theft, unforeseen breakdowns, emergency situations and helps to avoid traffic jams. They say that it is imperative to take it with you in cases where there is a long way – the talisman will bring success and make the road easy.

The traveler

A good amulet for the driver, which helps not only to safely reach the destination, but also to return home as soon as possible. The 'traveler' is applied on paper, embroidered on fabric, painted on the things of the one who will be driving, or performed on a piece of birch bark.

The 'Traveler' is considered the patron saint of those who hit the road. Attach the amulet to the rear-view mirror in the passenger compartment of your car, and it will surely protect you from mishaps, make the road safe and bring you closer to your intended goal.

Embroidery patterns

Defense cube Defense cube The traveler 'The traveler' Kolovrat 'Kolovrat' is a powerful amulet for a car that can provide reliable protection

Red ribbon and cross

Prepare the following materials:

  • scarlet ribbon or thread of the same color;
  • two small branches of oak, cedar or ash.

We fold the shoots in the form of a cross, tie them in the center and pronounce them.

Cross conspiracy Cross conspiracy

Having pronounced the conspiracy three times, we hide the amulet in the car. We periodically “recharge” it by reciting the above prayer.

Rules for activating and using the amulet

Being in the car and performing its main task, the amulet accumulates too much negative energy, from which it must be periodically cleaned. If you notice that the amulet is weakening and even after cleaning it does not work well, then it's time to get rid of it and make a new protective talisman.

The old amulet is mentally thanked for the work done and given to the earth. A new little thing is activated immediately after production and hung on the selected place.

Using prayer

In order for the amulet to become your patron and really can protect you from accidents and other dangers, it must be charged with prayer.

prayer to the Virgin Mary The Virgin Mary is asked for protection every Wednesday Appeal to the Great Martyr Catherine Appeal to the Great Martyr Catherine Prayer for a happy road Prayer for a happy road

The selected plot can be read both during the manufacture of the amulet and before starting work. They say that on this day it will be useful to go to the church and ask for protection in front of the holy icon.

Elemental Amulet Activation

For those who, for personal reasons, do not want to charge the amulet for the car with prayer, there is another way: activation by the elements. The ritual is performed as follows:

  • put a talisman in front of them and mentally ask for protection from natural forces;
  • immerse the amulet in water for a few seconds;
  • held over an open fire;
  • fumigate with a mixture of herbs;
  • sprinkle with salt.

Remember that the strength of a talisman depends on how sincerely you believe in it. Repeat the prayer or purify, referring to the forces of nature, and at the same time do not forget to thank the amulet for the protection it provides you on every trip.

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