Dreamcatcher amulet: meaning, how to use, where to place?

Dreamcatcher is a popular talisman used by North American Indians to ward off dark spirits while sleeping. Siberian shamans also used a similar product in rituals. Today, the dream catcher is used both as a sacred object and as an original decoration for the bedroom.

In order for the amulet to provide a calm and sound sleep, you need to know where and how to place it correctly.

dreamcatcher amulet

Where to place the amulet?

A dream catcher is an amulet intended for a room in which a person sleeps. There are two types of placement:

  1. The product is hung over the bed or over the baby's cradle.
  2. The amulet is attached to the window frame in the bedroom. It is believed that dreams come to a person through a window. Trapper will miss good dreams, delay nightmares.

It is important to position the catcher so that the sun's rays fall on him during the day. With the rising of the sun, the amulet will be cleansed daily of accumulated negative energy. When the product hangs in a shaded place, then it is not released from the negative. As a result, bad energy passes into a person through sleep.

Differences in amulets in different cultures

Dream catchers are of several types in origin, but they all share common distinguishing features:

  • circle – the main compositional detail, symbolizes the daily movement of the sun;
  • feathers are a symbol of lightness and free breathing.

Today, three types of amulets are known:

  1. Indian. It is a circle with a 'cobweb' mesh of threads inside. It captures luminous dreams, directs them to the dreamer, and also keeps nightmares at bay. Dark spirits carrying bad dreams get entangled in a net and perish in the rays of the rising sun.
  2. Siberian. It is intended to attract both good and bad dreams, therefore it is used mainly by shamans, since any vision is important for a clergyman. In a dream, the shaman communicates with entities stuck in the 'web', asks them questions. It is better not to use such amulets for ordinary people and inexperienced servants of pagan cults, it can be dangerous.
  3. Asiatic. It consists, in addition to the main details, of various figures and pictures that enhance the magical effect. For example, a zodiac sign may be depicted in the center of a circle.

amulet dreamcatcher

How to use the amulet?

As soon as the amulet is hung in the room, it takes effect. It should hang freely while rotating. When spinning, all passing dream spirits are captured.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist Only a real amulet made of natural materials is effective. The photographs and other images of the catcher of magical power hung on the wall do not have.

The question is still controversial whether it is necessary to cleanse the amulet from the accumulated negative. The Indians believe that the dark entities caught in the net perish in the rays of the sun, so there is no need to carry out special purification rituals.

But esotericists say that in modern conditions, not only the spirits of sleep soar in the premises, but also a considerable amount of negative energy from various sources accumulates. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the amulet at least once a year. To do this, it must be taken out into the street, held in the winter under the falling snow, in the summer under direct sunlight or the full moon.

The willow rods from which the circle is made are short-lived, they dry out, they can crack, lose their shape. So, to lose magical power. In this case, a new product is simply purchased, and the old one is burned or buried in the ground.

How to make a dream amulet?

The first catchers were a circle of willow twigs, the net was made of nettle threads or tendons. In Indian tribes, the amulet was hung mainly over the cradle in order to protect the child from harmful spirits coming in a dream.

The net imitates a spider web, attaches to a circle at eight points. These points represent the eight legs of the spider. According to Native American ideas, the spider is a symbol of wisdom and positive energy.

Cords with feathers attached to them go down from the circle. In the old days, a charm with an owl's feather (a symbol of wisdom) was hung over a woman's bed, and an eagle's feather (a symbol of courage) over a man's bed.

Today it is problematic to get feathers of such noble birds, therefore they use feathers of a pheasant, wild duck, and wild goose. A dream catcher with feathers of chickens and other poultry is not used as a talisman, since they give little protective power.

Additionally, the catcher is decorated with beads, beads, decorative stones. Products with one large stone in the center of the 'web' are popular.

In the process of making a dream catcher with your own hands, the main condition for an effective talisman is the use of the maximum amount of natural materials.

  • willow branches (you can use a wooden hoop, a hoop);
  • thick threads, laces;
  • feathers;
  • beads and other decor details.

It is advisable to choose beads from wood or bone. Feathers should be taken from living birds, not dead birds. Dyeing feathers is desirable with natural dyes. From decorative stones you can take amethyst, rock crystal, obsidian. These minerals strengthen the spirit and support the mind.

The manufacturing instructions are as follows:

  1. A thread is wound around the hoop, leaving a free end of about 10 cm.
  2. After wrapping, the thread is tied near the free end.
  3. Next, a 'web' is created. With an indent of a few centimeters, the thread is tied on a hoop, wrapped around the base, passed into the resulting loop.
  4. The action is repeated around the entire circumference. This forms the first row of the grid.
  5. The second row is also created, but the first row becomes the base.
  6. When weaving a 'web', beads are randomly strung on the thread.
  7. Weaving ends at the center of the circle. The thread is tied in a knot, fixed with glue.

Amulet meaning

According to Indian beliefs, the meaning of a dream catcher is to capture good dreams, descend them along the feathers to a sleeping person. Bad dreams, according to one version, go out through the window, according to the other, they are destroyed by the morning sun rays.

And Siberian shamans in a dream learn from the captured spirits about upcoming events, ask what to do in one case or another for the good of the tribe.

In many Indian tribes, the meaning of the amulet is broader. This is a totem that fills the space with positive energy, cleansing the room of negativity. And it doesn't matter whether the owner is sleeping or not. To make the catcher a totem, images with a wolf, raven, bear, eagle, elk and other totem animals are added to it.

The colors used in the amulet have a great influence:

  1. White product is a symbol of purity, deliverance from diseases, exalted feelings.
  2. Black is a reflection of the infinity of being, female energy. Endows a person with firmness, perseverance, the ability to bring things started to the end.
  3. Red is an image of power and strong will. The owner becomes energetic, a craving for creativity awakens in him.
  4. Pink – fills the space with the energy of love. Gives a positive attitude, streamlines thoughts, eliminates the effects of stress.
  5. Orange – makes life harmonious. Normalizes the relationship between a woman and a man. Gives strength to fight negativity.
  6. Yellow – gives physical and mental health. As a symbol of spirituality, a dream catcher makes a person more sensitive, fills him with inner strength.
  7. Green is the image of eternal life. It helps to think objectively, forms the correct worldview. Gives strength to move towards cherished goals.
  8. Blue is a sign of truth. Endows with the ability to foresee, purifies consciousness.
  9. Blue – harmonizes life. Promotes the development of logic.
  10. Purple is the image of the soul. Gives inspiration. Helps to come to terms with reality.

Today, a dreamcatcher is sold in many esoteric and gift shops. In America, a real handmade talisman can be purchased in Indian shops. The advantage of the amulet is that no charging is required. It is enough to buy, bring home, hang in the right place. Any dream catcher, made of mostly natural materials, carries magical power, protects the owner in a dream.

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