The meaning of the symbol of the hammer of Svarog in the form of a talisman, amulet or tattoo

According to legend, everything that was created on earth appeared thanks to the Slavic God – the blacksmith Svarog. From the blow of his hammer, sparks flew and star luminaries appeared to illuminate the dark path, he bestowed tools for obtaining food, introduced crafts so that people could support themselves.

All the time I tried to help, protect and warn. The Slavs believed that the amulet hammer of svarog has powerful energy and increases the spiritual and physical strength of its owner.

Hammer of svarog

The value of the amulet svarog hammer

The amulet in the shape of a hammer contains all the power of the fire element, which has the power of purification. He is able to punish deceitful and envious people, to get rid of painful thoughts and despondency of his owner. Will become an assistant only to those who live according to the laws of creation.

The hammer of svarog amulet is a small copy of the blacksmith's tool. Most often, on the one hand, Alatyr is depicted – an eight-pointed star, as the central point of the Universe, from which the Universe began.

On the opposite side, the image of Svarozhich in the form of cross-woven lines resembles a flower and is a symbol of fire.

Preserved hammer of svarog

The action of the amulet

The hammer of svarog belongs to masculine signs and in its meaning refers to universal symbols. He embodies wisdom, courage, strength, patience, honor and hard work. It is better for female representatives and children not to wear it. Once the amulet protected female warriors. But the male energy of the talisman is capable of destroying a more fragile organization.

  1. The amulet is often presented as a gift to loved ones. Under his influence, it is possible to instill respect for family traditions of a kind.
  2. In ancient times, the sacred talismans of the svarog hammer were presented to young men who became warriors. They kept from death and gave strength, endowed the owner with fearlessness.

How does the hammer of svarog help a person

The amulet will serve as a source of gaining peace and confidence in any life situations, and will shape the character of the owner.

  1. Will bring success in any good endeavors, especially in work, craft and production. It will allow the owner to master a new specialty and become a professional. Will save you from troubles in production, help you self-actualize.
  2. Strengthens the leadership qualities of the owner, reveals hidden talents and opportunities, opens the way to new knowledge.
  3. Endows with wisdom in solving acute issues, patience. It will allow you to put your thoughts in order and tell you the right way out of difficult situations. Protects from the evil eye and love spells, evil spells.
  4. The amulet in the shape of a svarog hammer helps to cleanse the body and soul. Eliminates negative thoughts, makes it possible to acquire inner harmony and balance, keeps you from failures.
  5. Strengthens the marriage and maintains peace in the family, saves from trouble.

The talisman will bring good luck in any endeavors: it will save life, lull unholy thoughts, save marriage and temper character.

Caring for the amulet

Esotericists claim that such symbols do not need to be purchased in a store. A self-made amulet will bring no less benefit. You can make them from wood and metal. Recommended to be worn on natural linen or cotton threads.

Before you start using the talisman, you must carry out a ritual of purification with the help of four elements:

  • land;
  • water;
  • air;
  • fire.

In the evening, you should bury the amulet in the ground and leave it until morning. Then wash the hammer with water. Hold over a lit candle and lightly ignite.

If the symbol began to fade or blacken, then you should think about the large amount of negative that has accumulated in the owner. You can get rid of unwanted emotions if you once again carry out the rite of cleansing.

During the first 10 days, the hammer of svarog should be inseparable from its owner in order to feel its energy and recharge. You cannot transfer the sacred symbol into the wrong hands, let it be measured, even more so to vilify it.

After the required time, the amulet can be removed. It should be used when necessary, when it is impossible to resolve an urgent issue, or additional protection is required. It is not recommended to wear the amulet with the cross.

What does the hammer of svarog tattoo mean?

Charms can be worn not only on the neck in the form of pendants, stored as protection at home, but also applied to the body. In open areas, a tattoo in the form of a hammer indicates, first of all, the owner's serious attitude towards Slavic culture and respect for ancestral traditions.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist The hammer of svarog tattoo, which are hidden from prying eyes, will keep a person, direct him to the right path.

You cannot apply a sacred image to those who are not distinguished by honesty, nobility and compassion. The hammer, trying to fight evil thoughts in the end, will destroy such an owner.

The hammer of svarog is able to radically change a person's life for the better, but it will become an assistant only to those who live by the laws of conscience and honor.

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