The meaning of the mascot 'scarab beetle'

The meaning of the talisman with the image of a scarab beetle originates from Ancient Egypt. The insect was associated with the god of the rising sun, Khepri, and symbolized rebirth or change for the better.

Scarab beetle

For a long time, a product with this insect is an irreplaceable amulet for purposeful people who regularly work to improve themselves – it will become a driving force that will activate the owner for decisive action in difficult times.

What properties does a scarab have?

The item on which the described Egyptian symbol is applied will only benefit the owner, regardless of the material of manufacture or its cost.

A talisman with a scarab beetle symbol will help:

  • achieve harmony in a relationship with a soul mate, find your love;
  • protect yourself from energy vampirism;
  • become self-confident and get rid of laziness;
  • return libido and enhance sexuality;
  • get rid of impotence and infertility;
  • achieve success in all endeavors.

The image of the scarab beetle decorating the house will protect all residents from diseases, any troubles and negative energy.

Expert Opinion Natalia Aleksandrova Numerologist, parapsychologist, tarologist The talisman with this insect significantly slows down the aging process, activates efficiency and increases endurance.

Who needs a beetle amulet

In operation, this sign will accelerate the process of moving up the career ladder and contribute to a significant improvement in financial well-being.

The scarab beetle will become an excellent talisman for a student or schoolchild – not only will it help to pass exams successfully, but will also develop a craving for knowledge and the ability to manage time correctly.

The described talisman will help solve problems with a soul mate, relatives or children.

Mascot beetle scarab

The scarab beetle rewards the fairer sex with internal magnetism, enhances their femininity, preserves beauty and youth for many years. For men, this sign is no less useful – it strengthens tenacity and relieves impermanence.

How to activate the talisman

To activate the talisman, after buying it, being left alone with yourself, mentally ask the beetle what you want with all your soul. The amulet will always help kind, sincere, noble and purposeful people.

Also, it is worth at least once a week to cleanse the talisman of accumulated negative energy.

To do this, you should first hold the product under running water for several minutes, and then leave it in direct sunlight for at least 2-3 hours.

How to choose an amulet

The amulet should not contain any ornaments, except for an image or a figurine of an insect – if there are any, it is important to find out what they symbolize.

When choosing a mascot for the scarab beetle, it is important not only to know its meaning, but also to clearly understand in which area the help of the amulet is needed:

  1. Work. For improvement at work, it is recommended to decorate the office with an insect figurine. Smokers can purchase a scarab-shaped ashtray at the office.
  2. House. The figurine is also perfect for home improvement – it will attract good luck, protect your home from intruders and improve family relationships. The optimal location is in the living room or bedroom on the sunny side.
  3. Daily use. The best option is a keychain that can be fixed on keys. Such an amulet will always protect the owner on the way.

Giving preference to jewelry, it should be borne in mind that such a talisman will protect and bring good luck only to its owner, improving his energy background and normalizing the general condition of the body. The most suitable metal for making a charm with a scarab beetle symbol is amber or silver.

How to wear

It is better to hide necklaces and pendants from prying eyes, while you should not tell anyone how it works – this can lead to the transfer of your luck and good luck to the interlocutor.

If you pin the brooch next to the heart, it will improve the health of the hostess, minimize the risk of love disappointments, give vitality and protect from adversity.

Brooch beetle scarab on a girl

Scarab beetle tattoos have a powerful energy – they increase self-confidence and convey positive solar energy to the owner. A person who gets a tattoo with a picture of a scarab beetle will receive from life not what he wants, but what he really needs. Such a person is able to achieve success in all endeavors.

Talisman as a gift

An amulet in the shape of a scarab beetle donated by loved ones has a stronger effect on the owner than a self-purchased product. It is not recommended to accept such a gift from the hands of unfamiliar people to whom you do not feel trust – such a thing is unlikely to be useful in life.

The optimal present is a picture of a scarab or a figurine of this insect.

Representatives of the stronger sex can be presented with a ring with an engraved scarab, and for women, a pendant or pendant is more suitable.

Feel free to get yourself a talisman with a scarab beetle if you feel that it attracts – such a talisman contributes to quick changes in the current life situation for the better. But remember, such a product must be treated with respect – neglect can lead to negative consequences.

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